Wardrobe Staples for Today’s Businesswoman

On a mission to create a curated office wardrobe ahead of a new job or promotion? While the task a hand might be a little daunting, with the right tips in mind, a cohesive color palette and a few versatile pieces you can seamlessly mix and match, you’re definitely on the right path. From elegant pearl jewelry to the classic pencil skirt, here are 11 of the must-have pieces every businesswoman should have in her wardrobe.

1. A Sharp Button-Down Shirt

Let’s start out with the obvious: a simple, crisp white button-down will take you places in the business world, especially when chicly combined with a classic pair of tapered pants or an elegant streamlined blazer jacket.

2. A Crisp, Flattering Pencil Skirt

There are few items in a woman’s wardrobe more flattering than a classic pencil skirt – and that rings true for all body shapes out there. Opt for a clean, simple cut that allows you to move comfortably and that ends right around your knees for an office-ready look without an expiration date.

3. Elegant, Chic Jewelry

Elegance and simplicity are the main key words when curating an office-appropriate wardrobe and one of our favorite pieces of jewelry is just that – namely, dainty freshwater pearl earrings. Pearls carry a classic elegance and refined quality that’s hard to match, suitable for the widest range of occasions, from the office to post-work cocktails.

4. A Versatile Staple Blazer

A staple in every working woman’s wardrobe, regardless if you’re working in the creative field or in finance: the ultra-versatile blazer, in a streamlined, clean cut, perfect for layering over your blouses and button-downs.

5. A Neutral- Hued Trench Coat

Yet another classic, suitable for the widest range of professions: the timeless trench coat, in a neutral hue. Opt for shades like dove grey, beige or navy when shopping for your next staple coat in order to increase your investment’s versatility factor.

6. A Nice Staple Watch

Pair your classic trench coat with a must-have accessory: a classic, yet feminine watch in a neutral shade. Opt for hues like soft blush, beige or grey and select a style that combines classic elegance with a modern silhouette.

7. A Sleek Statement Blouse

Button-downs are a definitely staple of any office-appropriate wardrobe, but they are closely followed by slightly more creative blouses that make a stronger visual impact. Invest in a feminine top in a bolder hue, a subtle print or adorned with a bow as a perfect alternative to the repetitive office shirts.

8. A Large, Structured Bag

Investing in a good quality, roomy handbag is essential when curating your business wardrobe – and the best options come in streamlined, classic silhouettes that hold their shape, even when used on repeat for years.

9. A Little ‘Black’ Dress

The little black dress is no longer mandatorily black – in fact, alternatives like navy, grey and even forest green are taking their turn in the spotlight. Opt for a highly versatile dress that you can wear from day to night, from the office to the office party, in a classic midi silhouette that offers structure, without feeling too restrictive.

10. Low Heeled, Comfortable Pumps

One of the main rules of creating a cohesive and perfectly curated business-ready wardrobe is to never sacrifice comfort for style – which is why you should always prioritize footwear that is easy to walk in all day long. The best pick: simple, medium to low-heeled pumps in a variety of shades, from dark navy to black and nude.

11. A Pair of Elegant Tapered Pant

No office-ready wardrobe is ever complete without the classic pair of tapered pants, flattering for any body shape. Whether you pair them up with suede flats or high-heeled pumps, tapered pants are sure to always look sleek and polished, regardless if you are working in the corporate world or leading a creative team.

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