How To Select a Good Garage Door Motor

Nowadays, garage door system usually comes with energy-efficient direct current (DC) motors compared to conventional alternating current (AC) counterparts. The sexy side of DC motor, servo type, is small, low energy consumed, less noise created and uses travel-limiting switches to limit the levels of door position at certain motor loads; also, it helps to combat climate change. DC motor used in garage opener closes door slowly, reaches full speed and slow again just before it touches the floor, maximizing safety precautions. However, garage doors are prone to breaking occasionally. If you’re located in Pennsylvania, you might be glad to know that Kings Garage Doors is a reputable garage door repair company in King of Prussia, PA.

Motor Speed

When solely discussing the motor speed, more pricey garage door openers or drive systems equipped with high efficiency DC motors can swiftly open and close the door.

This impeccable feature is beneficial to people who is particularly living in urban areas that emphasis on speed-track living styles, along with keeping safety precautions in mind. The ability to reverse door direction is also an important feature especially when there is an obstruction blocking their paths of running.

The Federal government has enforced a new law where a garage door system that comes with the ability to stop when they hit something along the way they travel is a must. When choosing an appropriate motor for garage door application, a larger motor is favorable so as not to allow the motor to constant work at the limit of its capabilities, which resulting in motor failure. A servo motor is an electromagnetically device, extensively used in robotics, home appliances etc. As a general rule, a motor rated at around 441N pulling force is enough for doors up to 8” wide while 600N motor is recommended for larger doors.

Conventional AC motors

Conventional AC motors develops more stress than they require when lifting or closing your doors. This excess power drawn, in the form of mechanical stress can result in early mechanical components failure in your door opener system. To reduce the stress acting on the door when doing the lifting or closing operations, a motor equipped with soft starter is advantageous since soft starting and stopping motors operate quieter.

They offer advantages on heavy doors, irrespective of the door size, keeping family sleep tight above otherwise it would be a pain in the neck. Soft start and stop motors also provide smooth, stemless acceleration and deceleration, giving full flexibility to users. Because of this feature that can accurately monitor the motor speed, users now can say “Bye Bye” to the loud clank sound produced by conventional garage door system. On the other hand, as compared to AC motors, soft start and stop motors can prolong motor life although the initial upfront costs would be high.

Garage Door Motors Types

Garage door motors work alongside the openers such as screw-drive, chain-drive, belt-drive or servo motor drive that uses no chain or screw.

Chain-drive system would probably the least expensive types with a trade-off of being noisy. Unlike other drive systems that sit in the middle of the ceiling, servo motor drive is housed above the door, providing more ceiling spaces for storage. Thyroidal type transformer over conventional type used in garage door operators offers low weight, low losses, smaller size, which is vital in terms of energy efficiency since lots of energy is being consumed during the standby mode.

Note that motor only runs for about 15s to operate the door while the rest of energy is being wasted during standby conditions. Garage door system now usually has built in light that allows light to on and stay for a few minutes while users are on the way getting in or out from the door. A keypad system is also made available to children without having to search for keys.

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