Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Divorce

How we divorce our partners has made headlines in recent months. The grounds for divorce in the UK are being called into question, as there is an element of blame that must be placed on one of the pair, unless the couple can prove they have been separated for a certain amount of time.

As well as being a tough process that expects couples to cast blame, the heartache and stress that comes with dissolving a marriage, combined with the financial implications, can make it an incredibly difficult journey. If you are just starting the divorce process, or you are thinking of divorcing your partner, here are some things to consider before you begin.

Going to Court

While there are steps to take that may appear to make the process smoother, they can, in fact, cause problems later down the line. One major example of this is immediately handing everything over to divorce lawyers and the courts before knowing what you both want.

If you can settle out of court, this can ultimately save you thousands as no money will be going to lawyers. While it may not always be possible to reason with those we are separating from, in the instances where the split is reasonably amicable, talking can be helpful. Discussing what each wants in terms of property and assets through methods such as mediation can be valuable time spent, both emotionally and financially, as you could sidestep the courts altogether.

Honest Finances

Get a legally binding court order. This will form a contract that binds you both to the agreed financial settlement. Also, being honest about all financial information and being able to produce documents that back up your claims is essential to a straightforward divorce. If you are hiding assets because you do not want your ex to get a share of them, or you are hiding the value of assets; you may find that the risk has not been worth taking.

Even if the divorce has been finalized, if any details you have withheld have been uncovered, then your settlement agreement could be challenged, and you may find yourselves in court. This can not only be costly, but it can lead to emotional upheaval, especially if you have children. Putting them through more court proceedings can have a negative impact on the whole family.

Think of the Children

On the subject of the children, keep their best interests in mind throughout the process. While you may find that you are undergoing an acrimonious split, the wellbeing of the kids should be paramount.

Therefore, if you or your ex-partner are refusing to let go of the past and communication starts to break down, it is time to put your feelings to one side. Instead, take the time to talk through what is best for the children and find the outcome that works for you all.

Are you considering divorce?

What steps are you taking to avoid making any of these common mistakes?

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