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Just like there are different types of men gamers, there are different types of women gamers as well. You can find women who like smartphone games, PC games, console games or browser games. Usually, women are casual gamers and have a higher chance of playing smartphone games or browser games. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any console female gamers though!

If you’re a serious console gamer then take a look on BestGamingChair.com to find the best chair for your gaming set up. It’s great to know that there is a growing space for lady gamers online where women can play all they want! Surprisingly, this list isn’t about ‘Top 20 Hottest Games of 2018’ but it is about quality gaming sites that women can enjoy!

So here’s a great list of widely known female friendly gaming sites:

1. Not Your Mama’s Gamer Not your Mama’s Gamer is a full service video game website that has a feminist, inclusive focus. It offers regularly updated news on the gaming world that would interest all kinds of women gamers. It’s a great source for intelligent discussions of games and game culture. NYMGamer’s has featured writers and professionals that focus on showing great content from unpacking games from a feminist perspective to having a good time doing it! It can give you the most real casino experience out there.”.

2. A Game of 60 Games It’s not exactly a website but Scr888 is a great application that offers more than 60 different casino games like Gold Beard, Blackjack, Slots and many others. It gives you a better chance of winning in games so you won’t feel so bad playing! It can give you the most real casino experience out there. A whole new sensation of online betting!

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Here are a few games it has: * Safari Heat * Sultan’s Gold * Hot Gems * Plenty O’Fortune * Royal Ace Casino

3. Girls On Games This website focuses on video games and geek culture. It offers an entertaining space for everyone interested in video games. They consider themselves a hub for women gamers that also offer great content and up-to-date news for this industry. They show the coolest women gamers out there, the industry leaders and the game changers!

4. Gamer Women The most recently made website, this hub is a great platform for news and content related to gaming. They have a great mix of profiles of leading women like Doris Self, Carol Shaw and Op-eds. They also offer weekly podcasts and boast an inclusive pro-diversity brand.

5. Old School Games (Bonus Round!) Good old Crosswords and Sudoku – These games started out in magazines and newspapers but they made their way to the internet as well. They are played by gamers all over the world, and almost all ages groups and all genders. But they’ve known to be one of the top 5 most popular online games for women all over the globe!

Miniclip.com – the 90s generation and above grew up playing on this website. It still has many different gaming categories for all women types. And they’re suitable to play online too, so they don’t need to be downloaded.

The Interactive Gaming Life The gaming industry has evolved in different ways, people sometimes don’t recognize it nowadays. However, it has developed in ways that have created an interactive gaming experience for all genders, all age groups and for everyone all genders.

We’ve presented a few websites that now shape the gaming industry for women, whether it’s in the form of news and game-content or in presenting actual games. What we’re sure of is that there is no specific ‘type’ of women-games, so enjoy all games out there of all the diverse categories!

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