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Buying your own home, on your own terms, is a gigantic step towards taking control of your life. Sadly, many women are still trapped under an unwelcoming roof, and seem to find no means to purchase a house. The Canadian estate market is currently slow, with an overall decrease of 2.9% as of November, 2018. In a male dominated society, it can be challenging and even frightening for women to buy a house, especially if they have kids to consider.

Luckily, there are alternative housing options that can make things much easier and reachable. Independence, empowerment and accomplishment are just a few of all the positive emotional and social effects of daring to buy and inhabit your own home. Here are some sustainable, achievable housing options for you to start making your own path.

Prefabricated homes will save you time and money

Building a home is less expensive than buying one ready to move in, so it is more reachable for women who still have a limited income or have many expenses – for example, single mothers or working students. However, building a house is challenging, time-consuming and many things can go wrong. If you don’t want to bump heads with construction workers, plumbers and electricians, then a prefabricated house is a good option. You can protect the environment by ordering a sustainable home made of green materials and good thermal isolation that will help you save a lot in energy bills, especially if you live in the cold weather. Using something like an electric wall heater in the Winter months to keep your room warm can really help reduce the cost of heating bills as you aren’t using an entire heating system – learn more here. While we’re on the topic of energy bills, if you have noticed that your bills are quite high this month, maybe doing some research into Cirro Energy Plans could help you find cheaper plans. This way, you will be able to save more money each month. Before committing to anything, be sure to do some research beforehand, as you’ll be able to make an easier choice. Prefabricated log cabin kits are especially charming; they don’t look like pre-made boxes but rather the enchanting house of your dreams. You can customize the quantity of rooms, the distribution and the size; the company will build them for you in less than two weeks.

Alternative housing for alternative women

Perhaps the most convenient housing solution for you is waiting in unexpected places. Have you heard of container homes? They were all the buzz a few years ago but even if the trend has faded quite a bit, the benefits of a container home are still there. They are relatively cheap to buy and are crazy good for the money. Since a container is made to carry cargo across the world and protect it from the elements, it has the resistance, the isolation and the strength any home needs. Just a couple modifications and they are ready to move in.

Tiny homes are another option you should consider, especially if you are moving alone. Tiny houses are designed to make the most out of space, so they are perfect for expensive locations, but suitable for any place. They are extremely easy to maintain because of how small they are, and you will save money in energy bills and property taxes. Tiny homes are perfect for busy women who are putting their all in moving forwards in their lives, and need a place to live that almost takes care of itself.

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