Effective Methods for Women in Removing Skin Tags

A skin tag is basically a harmless growth and almost half of the adults all across the globe can or may be affected by it. They are usually tiny raised protrusions on one’s skin that can be felt via touch using your fingers. They very rarely cause any medical complications at all, but they can prove bothersome sometimes. There are several home-removal remedies marketed all over the place, however, some are usually more effective than others.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the ones that have proved to be the most effective of them all.

1. Tea Tree Oil

This oil usually proves quite essential when it comes to treating certain types of skin conditions, and that includes skin tags. However, mostly only anecdotal evidence is what’s used to support this. Anyway, most people normally apply two or three drops of it onto a cotton ball or dry cloth and then, using a bandage, affix it on to the said skin tag. The cotton ball or dry cloth is normally left on for about ten minutes or so and this process is done three times per day.

2. Skin Tag Removal Cream

Kits containing an applicator and medical cream are readily available to you most of the time. Normally, you’d require to apply the cream only once. Some kits have instructions that recommend you disinfect your skin using alcohol wipes and then to fill down the skin tag before you apply the medical cream. This you do so as to ensure the cream is fully absorbed into the skin. Application of the cream may cause you to feel a mild stinging sensation but that shouldn’t alarm you. It just means it’s doing its job. The skin tag(s) should then fall off within about two to three weeks.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Not much concrete research has been done on how effective apple cider vinegar really is when it comes to treating skin tags. Nonetheless, it has grown to be quite a popular home remedy. It has a similar procedure to what you do with tea tree oil as mentioned earlier. Pour a few drops of the vinegar onto a dry cotton ball and then affix it to your skin tag using a bandage for around ten minutes or so. Do this three times per day up until the skin tag falls off. How to remove skin tags doesn’t have to be that complicated as you can see.

4. Freezing Kit

You can use products that contain liquid nitrogen which you can use to freeze off your skin tags. These types of products are usually readily available in local pharmacies and drug stores. As always, you need to follow the instructions very carefully. You might have to apply the products several times before your growth falls off. However, it usually occurs within around ten days in general. Avoid making contact with your surrounding skin. For added protection, some apply petroleum jelly around the skin tag.

And that concludes our article on removing skin tags. You can handle this skin complication all by yourself right in the comfort of your home. It doesn’t have to be that complex of a procedure as you can see. Hopefully, we’ve helped push you in the right direction.

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