Why Taking a Break is Good for Your Health

Are you too busy to take a break? Women’s lives are so full of responsibilities and commitments that the idea of taking time out for yourself is rarely a priority. You feel like you’ll be letting someone down or shirking your responsibility if you take a couple of days off, so you keep going regardless of how much you could do with a rest. If this pattern of behavior sounds familiar, it’s the kind of attitude women have had for centuries; putting the welfare of others before themselves and denying their own needs. The problem is that unless you take care of your own well-being, none of the other parts of your life will function properly anyway.

Why you need a break

Your mind and body are incredibly strong and resilient in many ways, but no matter how healthy you are, you need to have some downtime for your systems to rest and recharge. Even machines that are designed to work almost ceaselessly, like robotic assembly lines, need to shut down regularly for maintenance, and your body is far more complex than any machine. If you don’t allow time for your own routine maintenance breaks, you’ll soon be off at the side of the factory being examined by the engineers!

The consequences of not taking a break

It’s incredible how much people can endure and for how long, and you may well be able to manage for years without taking any truly restorative time off. By continuing to push yourself, you may be able to keep going, but there will be a price to pay. Physically you’ll become increasingly tired, and you could find you start getting a series of minor illnesses as your body’s defenses weaken. You’ll find it harder to concentrate, feel increasingly stressed and irritable, and you might well start making mistakes more frequently. In the end, either your mind or body will reach its limits, and you’ll end up seriously ill.

When they start feeling pressure, many people can turn to artificial methods to keep them going, like alcohol and medications. If you find you’re beginning to rely on a few drinks in the evening, or you’ve started depending on your prescription meds, that’s a good indication that you’re pushing yourself too hard. If left unchecked, these behaviors can turn into serious addictions, so don’t ignore the warning signs. If you can recognize you have a problem, get help as soon as possible before it gets any worse. There are many support organizations and detox programs available, like the ones at this facility, so don’t feel like you have to manage alone.

Having a full life is wonderful, and if you manage all the responsibilities in your life with care, being busy is a rich and rewarding way to lead your life. The danger is that you’ll lose sight of how crucial it is to take care of your well-being and neglect your need for rest and recuperation. If you’re not very good at giving yourself time off, remind yourself what could happen if you push yourself too hard, and learn how to take a well-earned break.

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