Vaping and women’s beauty?

Myths about female smoking

Light ladies’ cigarettes do not harm the body so much. This is absolutely not true because the harm of smoking is caused not only by nicotine, dozens of hazardous substances are contained in cigarette smoke, regardless of their strength. The reduced nicotine content is compensated by the smoker unconsciously – they become deeper than puffs, poisonous smoke lingers longer inside the lungs. The addiction does not weaken from switching to light cigarettes, and by reducing their number, it is possible to increase the addiction altogether – a smoker begins to wait for every vape mods with impatience.

Hookah, popular in bars and nightclubs, is safe for health. Another wrong statement. Yes, passing through the liquid, the smoke loses most of the nicotine, but instead of carbon monoxide and dangerous light tar for the standard half-hour session with the hookah, it is released as much as when smoking two packs of cigarettes. It is not only the smoker herself who suffers from this but also the people in this room: passive smoking of a hookah is very dangerous because of a large amount of smoke. Sticky, dense tobacco used in hookahs contains an increased amount of heavy metal compounds in the form of salts, which further increases the harm. To give birth to a healthy child, it is enough to give up smoking only during pregnancy. The ovules are given to a woman once and for all, they cannot be updated, which means that even experiments with tobacco in adolescence increase the chance of having a child with disabilities. Modern researchers also confirmed this even among women who quit smoking a year before the beginning of pregnancy, the risk of the birth of children with congenital diseases was increased.

All who quit smoking, sharply fat. Many tobacco addicts, instead of thinking about how to quit smoking, drag on other verified vape mods from and believe that nothing can be changed, precisely because of this myth. Yes, the fear.

of getting fat is a very weighty argument for a woman who pays attention to her appearance, but the statistics say: slightly more than half of those who quit are gaining weight after giving up tobacco. At the same time, in the absolute majority of them, the weight returns to normal after about two months on average. This is because that at first, a person is looking for something to replace the ritual of smoking, and an unscheduled snack will cope with it perfectly.

On average, the life of a smoking woman is seven years shorter than that of a non-smoking one. But an analysis of female mortality from cancer and cardiovascular diseases caused by smoking of vape mod kits, which was conducted in the United States, showed that in almost every case women had gone into another world 14 years earlier. Due to smoking.

The risk of developing lung cancer in women who smoke increases 13 times compared with non-smokers. Smoking causes 90% of lung cancer deaths in women.

Smokers’ skin has a pale gray color and more pronounced wrinkles. These features appear in 46% of smokers, in 8% who smoked in the past, but such changes were not seen in non-smokers. It turns out that smoking is even more to blame for the appearance of wrinkles than the sun’s rays.

Tobacco smoke affects the state of elastin, a special protein responsible for the elasticity and tissue repair. In smokers, elastin becomes more dense and fragmented. The more woman smokes, the higher her risk of early wrinkles. Three cigarettes a day increase this risk by 4.7 times. And the risk of skin rejection after plastic surgery is 12.5 times higher.

Every girl, every woman wants to be attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, and this is natural. Here are just polls show that 79% of men when choosing a bride would prefer a non-smoking girl. 88% of men do not believe that smoking makes women more attractive. And 86% say that if their wife or girlfriend smoked, they would be in favor of her quitting this habit. Couperose – nicotine weakens blood vessels, reduces their elasticity, leads to stagnation in the circulatory system. Because of this, a noticeable vascular network and spider veins, called rosacea, appear on the face.

In the smoke that smokers exhale, contain microscopic particles that, settling on the skin, clog pores, which leads to the appearance of black spots and inflammations. In addition, under the influence of nicotine,

vitamin E, necessary for the purity and health of the skin, is destroyed as soon as it enters the body. By the way, passive smoking of ecig mods can lead to similar problems.

During smoking, blood vessels are strongly narrowed, the oxygen supply to the tissues decreases, which causes pronounced dark circles under the eyes, the skin as a whole looks gray, tired, unhealthy.

The hair also suffers from constant smoking. Like the skin of the face, because of nicotine, the hair follicles and scalp receive less oxygen and nutrients, which, of course, leads to their dullness and weakening. In addition, smokers scalp becomes over-dried, begins to peel off, irritation appears on it. Over time, the hair loses its elasticity, begins to split and fall out, become brittle severely. Women who smoke a lot of vapor mods also face the early appearance of gray hair.

Nicotine is dangerous because it reduces the amount of vitamin A in the body. But it is this “vitamin of beauty” that is involved in the process of restoring and renewing all the cells of the body. Thus, nicotine directly affects the ability of the skin to regenerate, destroys collagen and the elastic layer of the skin, causes the appearance of premature wrinkles, worse wounds, and scars cicatrization on the skin.

Here you can add a decrease in oxygen delivery, impaired metabolic processes. Poisonous tobacco smoke not only poisons the body from the inside – soot, tar, dyes are deposited on the surface of the skin. Toxic substances contained in cigarettes cause a whole series of changes on the face, visible even to the naked eye, and the structure and color of the skin changes. Under the influence of toxins, the blood vessels narrow, especially the capillaries located in the upper layers of the skin. The amount of carbon monoxide in the blood increases and the oxygen content decreases. The sad result is premature wrinkles, dry skin, a yellowish tinge of the whites of the eyes.

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