How to Have the Perfect Girls Night In

While going out with your friends is a lot of fun, sometimes it’s nice to just kick back at someone’s house and have a relaxing evening. You don’t have to worry about dressing up, where to go, or keeping track of where everyone is, and it’s a lot cheaper as well! That doesn’t mean it can’t be a special occasion, though, and putting some effort into your gathering will make it a night to remember.

If you think it would be good to have some friends over, here’s how to ensure the evening is a success. From the right food and drink to incredible entertainment, this guide will make you the best host ever.

Have the right food and drink

There are several ways you can approach the catering, each with its own merits.

For a real pajama party atmosphere, simply order in a takeway. No-one has to bother with cooking and there’s minimal cleaning up afterward, so it’s perfect for when you’re all exhausted after a day’s work.

Alternatively, to share the cooking responsibilities, you could ask each person to bring a contribution to a meal, or a buffet item, which is a great way to keep the costs down and not put too much of a burden on anyone. If you go for this option, you’ll need to agree beforehand who is going to bring what, so you don’t end up with four starters and no desserts.

If you enjoy cooking and you have the time, a home-cooked meal is always hugely appreciated. You don’t need to be wildly ambitious; simple dishes are perfectly suited to a casual evening in with some close friends.

However, if you feel like splashing out, you could arrange for an outside caterer or private chef to prepare your meal, which would be quite a treat and transform your evening into something truly special.

You may all be happy to have cups of tea or keep the coffee pot on for the evening, but for more variety, everyone could bring a bottle of wine or soft drinks. If you do want to drink alcoholic beverages at your gathering, remember to make sure of everyone’s arrangements for transport home, because you don’t want anyone who’s had a drink getting behind the wheel.

Sharing a car or booking a taxi are options, or you could ask your guests to stay the night. If one or more of your group isn’t able to drink alcohol and could feel left out, it’s better if everyone sticks to soft drinks – it’s not much fun being sober when the rest of your party is feeling merry!

Create an enjoyable atmosphere

The most important aspect of a girl’s night in is to make sure you won’t be disturbed. That means not having to worry about kids or partners, and not feeling you all have to keep quiet and not laugh too loud. Children could be taken out or go for a sleepover with a friend or relative, and if your partner can find a way to amuse themselves for a few hours out of the house, even better. To enjoy a genuinely relaxing evening, you want to be free of all your responsibilities and able to say and do just as you wish.

It’s a good idea to prepare your home for the gathering to make it feel as warm and welcoming as possible. Clean and tidy surroundings are essential of course, but adding touches like mood lighting, scented candles, flowers, and an essential oil diffuser will make your home look and feel special. Essential oils are perfect for creating the right mood if you choose one that’s in keeping with the atmosphere you wish to create – for example, citrus for a fresh and enlivening feel, or clary sage for happiness.

Make sure you have enough comfortable chairs for everyone because if anybody has to sit on a dining table chair, they’ll feel uncomfortable and excluded from the group. Bean bags or piles of pillows can be a good alternative if you’re short of seats. Check that your bathroom is sparkling clean and well-stocked, because it’s likely to be used a fair bit during the evening, and if you have pets, make sure they’re clean too. Dirty paws aren’t appreciated by most guests – and if any of your friends dislike animals, be considerate and keep the pets out of the room.

Provide entertainment

There’s nothing like a movie night complete with popcorn, plus a box of tissues if you’re watching a weepy. It can sometimes be a challenge to find a movie that everyone wants to watch, and that no-one has seen before. Check with your friends beforehand which movies they’d like to see so you can find one that is new and appealing to all your guests. The only drawback of watching a movie is that you lose a couple of hours of chatting time. If having a good talk is your priority, then you might just want to put on some background music and let the conversation be the entertainment.

Another great way to have fun is playing a board game. Choose something that’s easy to play in case you’ve got guests who are new to it, and that’s fairly fast-paced – a game that goes on for hours with no resolution can get pretty boring. Something like Pictionary is ideal; easy to play, and bound to make everyone laugh.

Consider a theme

A variation on a simple night in having a chat is to have a themed get together. For example, a jewelry or make-up party where you get to try new products and spend some money on them if you wish. You could also go for a home spa evening, especially if you have a hot tub that you can all relax in. For the more adventurous, there’s always the option of a lingerie party, too.

You don’t need to spend a lot or sacrifice hours of your time making preparations in order to have a brilliant night in with your friends. The best part of these evenings is being together with people you love, chilling out and having a laugh – there are few better ways to relax and enjoy yourself.

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