Healthy Foodies to Follow on Instagram

Like millions of people, you enjoy sharing and seeing photos of your friends and family (and their pets!) on Instagram. You also follow a number of celebs and/or sports figures in order to get the latest on what they are up to.

As it turns out, you can use the power of Instagram for a lot more than cute selfies of you and your pup or to see how many points NBA star LeBron James scored last night. You can also follow a number of people who can inspire you to meet whatever types of goals you would like to achieve.

For example, if you are bound and determined to start eating better and cooking more healthy recipes, Instagram is the Holy Grail of people and companies that can all help you to achieve this goal. When it comes to looking for inspiration to have a healthier diet, you can’t go wrong with these Instagrammers:


In addition to its line of popular cleaning products, Amway also sells Nutrilite vitamins and supplements. The company offers classic vitamin and mineral supplements as well as Nutrilite all-plant protein powder, fiber powder, wellness bars and more. On Amway’s Instagram page, you will find plenty of great photos of their Nutrilite products as well as tips on how to use them most effectively; for instance, a recent post featuring a photo of a Nutrilite Wellness Bar reminds us that the tasty bar is an ideal snack when shopping for gifts, during road trips or when visiting friends and family this holiday season and beyond.

The Delicious

Have you ever noticed how beautiful healthy food can be? Sarah from The Delicious on Instagram sure has, and, as her tagline notes, she encourages people to “eat beauty every day.” Check out her photos of delicious foods like hummus made with a variety of other ingredients (like beets!) to give them a gorgeous color and be inspired to leave the chips and cookies on the shelf at the grocery store in favor of simple and clean foods.


If the idea of spending tons of time preparing healthy meals is preventing you from cooking more at home, MeowMeix may help you to change your mind. Amanda Meixner is a nutrition expert and blogger who is also an amazing food prepper. If you follow her account, you’ll see plenty of posts that offer meal prepping tips, and you can also download her Snacking Ebook, which takes the guesswork out of healthy snacking so it will be easy for you to shop at the grocery store.


SELFstarter is SELF’s subscription-based healthy meal planning service on Instagram. Every day, SELFstarter posts great recipes that are healthy and easy to make and photos of incredible meals that it finds from health-minded bloggers from across Instagram.


This Instagram account was created by a pair of dieticians who are convinced that everyone can learn to cook healthy meals that won’t take up a lot of time or use tons of ingredients. A recent shot of vegan mac and cheese made with butternut squash instead of cheese looks scrumptious; the FoodHeavenShow page also features plenty of inspirational quotes and advice to keep you on track.

Get healthy, with the help of Instagram

It is great to know that a social media site like Instagram can be used as a helpful tool to good health. Sure, you can continue to enjoy those great family shots of your friends and other loved ones, but if you follow the aforementioned accounts and then find some additional health-focused accounts, you will be well on your way to meeting your goal of eating a more healthy diet.

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