6 Essential Dos and Don’ts After Facials You Must Follow

Signing up for some TLC for your skin? That’s awesome news.

Given the amount of pollution and irritants in the atmosphere, it is becoming more crucial than ever to take care of your skin with the proper regimen at home. Side-by-side, you must go in for professional facials regularly to cleanse and nourish your skin thoroughly, so you can avoid premature signs of aging. But, to get the best results from the TLC, make sure to choose a reputable center with qualified beauticians who can perform the treatments on you. Further, following the recommendations and dos and don’ts after facials will ensure that you get the best results from the time you spend in the salon.

Typically, Facials Include Important Steps If you’re unsure about what to expect from a spa-style facial, check out this article on LiveStrong that explains the steps and why they’re essential.

1. Basic cleaning to remove makeup and external dirt
2. Careful examination to identify skin type and the problem areas
3. Exfoliation to remove the surface dead cells and blackheads using the appropriate methods
4. Depending on the exfoliation method, steaming to open the pores, and induce sweating.
5. Cleansing the skin to remove blackheads and other accumulated impurities under the surface
6. Massaging with creams or warm oils to nourish the skin and encourage circulation, aside from your face, the beautician may also target the neck, shoulders, upper arms, and décolletage
7. Applications of face masks to soothe and tighten the skin
8. Application of a special serum after removing the mask
9. Final touch-ups to seal in the effects of the facial along with lip and eye creams

As you get ready to leave the spa, you’ll receive a list of dos and don’ts after facials you must follow.

1. Do Protect Your Skin from Sun Exposure

Whatever may be the kind of facials you choose, one of the cardinal rules to follow is to avoid exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun. Like the expert consultants at PRP Injection MD will inform you, freshly treated skin is vulnerable to the effects of the sun rays and can get easily damaged. While it is preferable that you stay indoors for the next 48 hours until your skin heals – if you absolutely must go out – wear adequate sunscreen with the appropriate SPF to protect your skin.

2. Do Protect Your Skin from Saunas, Steam Baths, and Hot Tubs

One of the essential dos and don’ts after facials is to protect your skin from heat treatments. And, that includes steam rooms, sauna baths, or hot tubs. Given that one of the steps of facials is steaming, excessive heat can lead to sensitivity and broken capillaries. In case you’ve opted for PRP facials, on leaving the center, you’ll still have a layer of the serum covering the skin. The practitioner will ask you to leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning. She may also make recommendations to avoid heat and keep your skin cool with icing or cold compresses for the next 2 to 3 days.

3. Don’t Indulge in Workouts or Strenuous Physical Activity

If your job activities involve strenuous physical work or if you exercise regularly, you may want to avoid the activities for 3 to 4 days after the facial. That’s because gyms and fitness centers are breeding grounds for bacteria and pathogens, and you’ll want to avoid the risk of infections on sensitive skin. Sweating also attracts germs, so it is best to remain in safer environments. Avoiding touching your face too often is another piece of advice on your list of dos and don’ts after facials. Remember, you risk transferring bacteria from your fingers to the skin. After around 4 days, your skin will have recovered sufficiently so you can go back to working out and any other activities.

4. Do Keep Away from Harsh Chemicals

Since facials tend to remove dead skin cells and the fine upper layer from the surface, your skin becomes especially prone to damage from harsh chemicals. Like the folks at the Self magazine explain, refrain from applying heavy or any makeup, for that matter. Resist the impulse to cover up even if you see redness, flushing, or like in the case of PRP facials, some amount of swelling (the inflammation is a sign that the facial is working as it should). Allow your skin to rejuvenate and breathe.

Aside from risking skin damage, you’ll have the chemicals seeping into your bloodstream through the open pores. For this reason, when listing the dos and don’ts after facials, dermatologists advise that you get the treatment on a Friday afternoon, and give your skin time over the weekend to recover.

5. Don’t Adopt Any Home Remedies

You might think that using organic products made from edible items like say, dairy cream, honey, or cucumber face packs won’t do your skin any harm. While most such ingredients are safe to use, and even preferable to chemicals, it is best not to experiment right after getting a facial. Any tiny particles in the face packs you make could further irritate the skin that has just been exfoliated. The same rule applies for PRP facials. It is best not to apply any products that could interfere with the natural healing processes of the body.

6. Do Eat, Drink, and Sleep

Your lifestyle right after can affect how your skin responds to the treatment. Among the essential dos and don’ts after facials is to eat the right diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. Read this article on Food.NDTV that tells you to avoid fried, salty, and spicy foods and choose simply cooked salad, soups, and grilled dishes with a minimum of seasoning. Make sure to hydrate your body and skin with lots of water, so that it can flush out impurities quickly. And, the best way to lend a healthy glow to your skin is to relax and get lots of sleep. Your skin will thank you for it.

Facials are a great way to pamper your skin and give it a rejuvenating glow. And, the aftercare steps and dos and don’ts after facials that you follow can affect the results you get.

Follow the dermatologist’s advice and get the maximum benefits from the treatments. Click here to learn about the anti-aging benefits of full spectrum hemp skincare!

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