The Rise Of Cannabis Products Designed Specifically For Women

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the United States and medical marijuana becomes a more accepted form of treatment ,many women may find themselves wondering what the health benefits to them and what products are out there that can help them combat an array of health issues. Visiting Everything for 420 will provide a one-stop shop for all cannabis-related paraphernalia.

In fact, cannabis usage among women is increasing, and data scientists are beginning to understand precisely how women are using cannabis and what benefits come from cannabis based products. Check out these surprising marijuana stats for more information.

A study released by BDS Analytics in 2017 that was part of a larger Cannabis Wellness Trend Series examined how women are “taking control of their health by regularly incorporating cannabis into their self-care regimens and customizing their care needs with a variety of cannabis-derived options.†The study found that main way women use cannabis to reduce menstrual pain and cramping. In addition 4 out of 10 women said the turned to cannabis as a natural alternative to deal with the mood swings brought on by menstruation and menopause.

And the cannabis industry has begun to focus more on meeting to the medicinal needs of women with some companies – such as – providing ways for consumers to cultivate their own marijuana for their needs. There are now many products that contain cannabis or CBD that are designed for pain relief, medicinal needs and stress relief. Others are designed for sexual pleasure or simply recreational relaxation. But the trend toward female-led cannabis companies and female-centric products is clear, and thing will only improve as more states become legalized and more businesses enter the marketplace.

One brand that is lead the charge is called Fiora. Fiora offers a variety of female centric products for both relief and sexual pleasure. Their vaginal suppositories are design to help with menstrual discomfort. They also offer a THC-infused lubricant that, according to their product marketing, is designed to enhance tactile sensation while reducing anxiety and dryness. Another great cannabis-based company is Whoopie & Maya, co-founded by comedian Whoopi Goldberg. Their mission is to help women, and they offer a variety of products, including bath soaks, tinctures and oil-based rubs. Whoopie herself is a major cannabis advocate and has decided to put her passion towards helping woman.

There are also a number of cannabis publications designed to help and inform women. One such site Miss Grass. Their content attempts to normalize cannabis use through educational information with lifestyle content ranging from self-care and beauty to sex to how to choose the best vape pen for use with medical cannabis.

In terms of consumption devices designed for women to smoke or vaporize cannabis, there are several that are leading the back, including the Jane West collection, created in collaboration with Grav Labs. Jane West offers bongs and glass pipes that are meant to be aesthetically pleasing to women, and which are a far cry from your college-era bong. Another brand of note is My Bud Vase, which offers elegant vintage vases turned into smoking devices. Both of these product lines are available at trusted online headshops.

Indeed, woman are using cannabis to such a high degree that a new buzzword—“cannabis momsâ€â€”has been noted and documented. The term is designed to indicate a new attitude toward cannabis usage, and a lessening of the stigma that was once attached to it. And it also reflects the fact that industry is responding to this, creating products designed specifically for women.

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