How to Match Your Prom Dress to Your Skin and Hair Color

Prom is a special occasion in the life of a high-school girl, the dress is a huge part of that night. People often say that you should not be spending too much money on something which you will probably only get to wear once or twice, but that’s precisely what makes the prom dress so special.

Everything valuable in this world is rare and unique, therefore, the very fact that you won’t be seen in that dress too often is part of what makes it so special. Now, getting everything right and finding that perfect dress, on the other hand, is no easy feat.

The fact that every shop you visit (both online and offline) will have a huge collection of prom dresses for you to choose from, makes it ever so confusing. To streamline your choices, the best thing to do would be to select a color or two for your dress even before you go shopping. Of course, this isn’t easy either, but that’s why we have the following few tips to help you choose a color for your prom dress that complements your skin tone and hair color.

Brunette or Raven Hair

Girls with brunette or raven hair should follow similar rules of matching, which in this case is the rule of contrast. If you have dark colored hair (natural or colored), you can go with any bright color, with chartreuse green, magenta and turquoise being excellent choices. If we are being even more specific, then it may actually be a good idea to avoid the lightest shade and instead go with something that is a few shades deeper than that. This keeps the contrast from getting too harsh, especially if you plan to wear your hair down.

Light Skin Tone

Your skin complexion is the biggest factor that should affect the choice of color for the prom dress and it doesn’t get better than black prom dresses when it comes to girls with a light skin tone. Black and white are the two extremes on the color scale, so when you combine the two, the contrast is always going to be eye-catching and gorgeous. Have a look at these black prom dresses by JOVANI Fashion if you think you could pull it off for prom. Their collection has something for everyone and will be a great starting point if you’ve not yet found one. Alternately, there are also some great options in navy blue or dark fuchsia at JOVANI if you are feeling up to it.

Blonde Hair

There are many shades of blonde, be it natural or artificial, so your dress should vary a bit depending on how warm or cool the color of your hair is. Pinkish-purple or mint-green prom dresses look particularly beautiful on girls with light blonde hair (caramel or vanilla blonde). In other words, pastel shades are perfect for you when you have cooler tones in your blonde hair. On the other hand, if your hair is of a brighter or deeper shade of blonde, you can go with darker shades of red, orange or violet. Jewel tones work particularly well here.


Redheads have a natural fiery look to them and that can be accentuated and made more sophisticated with a green dress for the prom. While peach green will do just fine, it is recommended that you go with emerald green, especially if your hair is bright red because there is just no greater combination than that.

Dark Skin Tone

Darker skin tones actually have more options, but when it comes to dresses, violet, purple or lavender looks particularly beautiful when laid against a darker skin tone. Yellow or white isn’t out of the question either if you want to create that contrast we talked about earlier.

Somewhere in Between

For girls who neither have a very dark nor a very light complexion, the choice can be even more difficult because they can practically wear any color they want! Choose between anything from ebony black to bright shades of pink and you will probably be able to carry it flawlessly. Instead of just choosing a color based on your skin tone, it is recommended to make your choice based on the color of your hair in this situation.

As long as you follow these simple rules of matching your dress to your body, what you buy should look fabulous on you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these are strict rules set in stone! Black prom dresses look great on most people, and if you are feeling confident enough to be edgy, indulge yourself and buy the dress that makes you stand out from the crowd. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while, and the prom is a great place to do it. The only piece of advice here is that before you actually wear it to the prom, do make sure that you have tried it out at home first to be sure you feel comfortable.

Thanks to Zoe Price

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