How to Create an Easy-to-Maintain Garden

Tending to your garden can often feel anything but easy. Not only do you need to mow and rake, but you will need to water, sow and plant in your garden throughout the season. So, it can take up a great deal of your time and energy.

Thankfully, there are a variety of ways to simplify caring for your outdoor space. Take a look at the following ideas on how to create an easy-to-maintain garden.

Remove or Reduce Your Lawn

While a bright green lawn can be a beautiful addition to a garden, it is not an essential. Maintaining a lustrous lawn can take up a great deal of your time, as you will need to mow, feed, water and weed your grass.

Unless you want a natural green garden for your children, paving or artificial grass might be a low maintenance alternative. If you want to keep your lawn, you could always reduce its size and replace an area with easy perennials or flower beds.

Low Maintenance Plants

While some plants will need regular love and care, there are other varieties that will produce beautiful flowers and foliage throughout the year without demanding much of your time and attention.

For example, you would be smart to invest in native plants, as they often need little attention once positioned in healthy soil with good sun orientation. Always review a plant’s maintenance requirements before incorporating them into your garden.

A High-Quality Water Fountain

A water fountain can be an exquisite focal point in a garden; however, you might be cautious about installing one, as you might worry they will require a considerable amount of upkeep. However, all you must do is invest in a high-quality pond pump from, which will ensure your pond looks impressive all year long without fuss.

Feed Your Soil for Fewer Pests and Healthier Plants

If you want fewer pests, healthier plants and fewer diseases in your garden, you would be wise to feed your soil. All you must do is lay down nutrient-rich compost or other forms of organic matter. If you only have time for one garden maintenance task this year, make it this one.

Choose Shrubs Over Flower Beds

Shrubs might take a while to grow (unless you buy them once matured), but they can provide a stunning structure throughout the year. You will not need to water them regularly, and you might just need to trim them once or twice per year to maintain an attractive border.

Add Hassle-free Beds of Mulch

Beds of mulch can be a smart investment in your garden because they can effectively fertilise your plants while preventing weeds. It can ultimately be a lower maintenance alternative to

grass because it doesn’t require mowing or watering. Plus, not only is it hassle-free, but it is also inexpensive, and you will simply need to replace the mulch every spring. Another big bonus is that fresh mulch will create a lovely aroma throughout your garden.

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