7 Tips for Buying Restaurant Chairs Online

Restaurant chairs make or break your space! Click here to find out all the dos and don’ts you need to know when selecting chairs for your new restaurant!

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The chairs you choose for your restaurant will be one of the first places you can inject some personality and atmosphere into your restaurant. Ensuring that you have some amazing chairs that give off the vibe you want should be high on your design itinerary. With many great places to buy restaurant chairs for sale online, it won’t be hard to find something that you like. However, you should always keep these top tips in mind.

Think About Your Layout

How much room do you have on the restaurant floor? What size and shape are your tables? These may be constraints on the chairs you inevitably order as they need to fit around the tables with enough room for each diner plus room for your servers to move around them too.

Focus on Comfort & Function Over Style

While style is important, you have to remember that your diners could be spending anywhere upwards of an hour with you. The chairs need to be supportive and comfortable throughout all of this time.

Think About the Material

Another aspect of functionality which you need to consider is the chair’s material. Your chairs will need cleaning every now and then just like everything else in the restaurant. Wood and metal make for easy-to-clean materials; if you must choose a textile then make sure it is easy to wipe down and stain resistant.

Don’t Forget About Durability

The chairs are going to be a fair investment and therefore need to be able to last a long time. Pick ones that look sturdy and have thick legs; they are likely to be able to hold a vast variety of different people for a long time.

Match to the Menu

When it does come to style, a cute nod you could do is subtly match your chairs to your menu. Do you run a vegan or eco restaurant? Green chairs are the way to go. Sushi? Low, Japanese style seating is the way forward. Look at your menu and see where you can find a theme for both the chairs and your wider décor.

Do They Need to Stack?

The chairs are not going to always be out on the restaurant floor, whether this is because of events you are holding or even just for a deep clean. You therefore need to think about where they are going to be stored at this time. Have you got room for them to stand individually or will they need to stack up to fit in a smaller area? These are important considerations to make when buying that otherwise might be forgotten.

Have Fun

Don’t forget to have fun while choosing your restaurant furniture. Opening your new eatery is always going to be a labour of love and you want that to be reflected in your space at all times. Choose furniture that looks good together and makes you excited to open your doors to the public. Nothing looks better than a place the restaurateur is proud of.

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