While planning the wedding, there are many things that you have to consider, as some of the things catch everyone’s eyes. So for all these essential things, we have to prepare it in advance. So let’s take a look at it one by one.

1. Guests List And Their Arrangement

While making a list of guest, first check it twice and find that you do not forget someone. As per the number of guests you invited, set a space so that they can sit and attend function properly. Also arrange tables, the band, bustling waiters, and a dance floor.

2. Wedding Dress

For the groom and bride, the day of marriage and the place of the wedding is the time of center of attraction. Everyone who attends the function looks them. For women, finding cheap mermaid wedding dresses is not an easy thing. The dress must be simple, inexpensive and affordable in short it looks perfect.

3. Consider Nature

Before fixing time and date, check the weather condition and other potential difficulties. Guests do not like the hot summer wedding. Even certain seasons, some areas fill out with bugs, deer flies gnats, swarm, and mosquitos. So consider renting pest control tanks to reduce the problems. Set a location as per the views you want like seaside or sunset etc.

4. Check Your Credit

Decrease the high cost of weddings, by signing up for a credit card with a rewards program. It gives you airline miles or great discount on shopping deals, combining all wedding-related purchases to this card will help you collect thousands of rewards points. It can use in your honeymoon.

5. Make a Meal Plan

Another unexpected expense is a meal. Before you sigh or fix any contracts, look that, the meal vendors or caterers will not serve you same things. It is like you are paying the excess amount for the same dish. While choosing, consider the less expensive but, the more eating dish instead of any new fusion and expensive one. Let the caterer know a few days before the wedding exactly and how many people you need as a server or vendor.

6. Proper Planning

Make appropriate planning of the wedding schedule and do each thing as per decided time. Do not hire any vendors or sign contracts before confirming a date.

7. Leave Some Room in Your Wallet

For a wedding budget, set a fixed formula like 50% of the total budget is for the reception, 10% for flowers, 10% for attire, 10 to 12% for photo/video; 8% for miscellaneous items like a wedding coordinator and remaining is for entertainment, invitation, etc. It is essential to save 5 to 10% of your money for surprise expenses. So in an emergency need, you don’t have to worry about money.


It is all about seven most essential wedding planning tips and tricks. Many other things need to be considered with these seven things. But for today, it is enough to talk. What do you think, which thing you want to consider first? Share your thoughts with us. Thank you!

Thanks to Bhagirathsinh Gohil

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