The Best Wedding Makeup Trends of 2019

Every day is the perfect time to have a wedding. You might want to enjoy your big day during a warm sunny day, or perhaps you’re happy with spending an intimate evening indoors. Whenever your big day is, you will want to shine. Your hair is important. Your dress is a dream. The real star of your wedding, however, is you. Wow yourself and your guests by trying out any of these top trends that were showcased on Bridal Fashion Week for Spring 2019, and you will be sure to glow in every way:

Metallic Streaks

Carrying on from the bold and neon geometric designs that were popular in previous seasons, this striking makeup look has finally hit the bridal runway shows. Done in a softer metallic like silver, this is the perfect way for brides to show off a bit of flair on their big day. Add a swipe of metallic eyeliner and soften the look with a great highlighter. This is the perfect high-drama touch for brides that want an overall natural look, but with that touch of something extra.

Soft Femininity

On our wedding days, we want to let our natural beauty shine. Which is why for, yet another year soft femininity and the minimal makeup look ruled the runways. This year pink eyeshadow seems to have taken centre stage, and for good reason. Paired with a minimal nude lip, this soft and pretty colour is sure to compliment any blushing bride as she goes down her own runway.

Dewy Beauty

One of the biggest makeup trends to take the world by storm is the dewy makeup look. It is the best way to look striking with a minimal makeup look, which is why it’s no wonder that searches for cream blush are up 196% and searches for a dewy highlight are up 343%. Look natural, look young, and look fresh on your wedding day with these makeup trends that actually stay on much longer than traditional powder makeups.

Full Lashes

Full, fluttery lashes are always in, but instead of attaching false lashes on your day consider getting eyelash extensions. These semi-permanent lashes are much more natural looking, and they will stay on better than before. Pick up a kit from and have your makeup artist put them in for you. You will look stunning and completely natural.

Whether you want a full bold look or something soft and natural, remember that trends don’t matter when it comes to your own personal style. Be inspired by the makeup trends, and adopt them for your own use. At the end of the day, beauty trends are there to use as a reference. If you want high drama, try adding metallic to your big day look. If you want something fresh and natural, try cream-based makeups and semi-permanent full lashes. There are so many looks out there to choose from, so remember to let your personality and your sense of style shine through.

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