4 Things to Know About Gardening with Your Dog

Your dog depends on you to care for them. Simply providing food, water and shelter is not enough to keep your dog happy. You need to keep your dog active as well. Keeping your dog active is an important part of keeping your dog happy. Spending active time with your dog does not always mean going on long hikes. Involving your dog in your hobby is a good bonding exercise. Gardening is a hobby that you can choose to enjoy with your dog.

Why Choose Gardening?

Out of all the hobbies that you can choose gardening is a fun one that you can enjoy with your dog. Most dogs love to dig. Your dog’s natural skills can be put to good use when you allow your dog to dig a hole for your plants. This focuses your dog’s energy and tires out your dog. The exercise is good for your dog. Any destructive behaviour of your dog is sure to disappear when they focus heir energy into digging.

Apart from allowing your dog to get a good dose of exercise, the garden can provide a balanced diet for your dog. Choose the right plants to grow so that both your dog and you can enjoy the bounty.

List of Vegetables You can Grow with your dog around:

· Spinach
· Cabbage
· Sweet Potatoes
· Cucumber

Flowers that you can grow in your garden with your dog around are:

· African Daisies
· Rose
· Alyssum
· Hibiscus
· Petunias

Precautions to Take for Your Dog’s Safety

There are some precautions that you must take when gardening with your dog. Gardens are a place where dogs can pick up on parasites. Get dog Interceptor for heartworms to prevent your dog picking up parasites. When you get dog Interceptor for heartworms they can help take care of parasites like whipworm, roundworm, and hookworm as well.

When you get dog interceptors for heartworms you must also ensure that your dog has received their regular vaccines. You also need to ensure that your dog’s nails are properly trimmed, or they may end up breaking their nail while digging. Do not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides they can end up poisoning your dog. Wash your dog’s paws and face properly after your gardening session.

Maintain the Garden

Since your dog knows that the garden is to be dug, they might end up digging out your plants. Prevent your dog from doing so by putting a net around the garden space. Keep an eye on your dog when you let them out near the garden area. Water your garden frequently and use organic fertilisers to get a good harvest.

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