14 Stunning Long Layered Haircuts Trending In 2018

Looking for the trendiest long layered haircuts in 2018? Then you are reading the right article at the right time.

Trendiest Long Layered Haircuts In 2018

If you are looking for the trendiest long layered haircuts, then you are in the right place at the right time! Below, we have compiled a list of the best and most popular layered hair ideas that have been trending this year, and we are sure you will find inspiration from them.

Layering is the best way to get rid of just the right amount of weight from your hair and give it movement, without necessarily making the trimmings look scraggly or over layered. Long layered haircuts typically look pretty well on all face shapes and depending on the styling technique used, they could look even more flattering in some face types.

1. Long Platinum Layers

Extra elongated haircut as this boasts a rage shadow root and platinum shaded tresses that can last for days.

2. Textured Layered Long Hair

These long-layered haircuts incorporate very naturally, sun-kissed balayage. It is a low maintenance haircut. The cut gives smooth textured layers that significantly improve the movement and dimension of the style.

3. Natural and Easy Layered Wavy Hair

The hairstyle looks so natural and hustle-free as possible. All you need to do is incorporate some layering in the hair since the elongated tresses don’t appear the same as curled one. Colourwise, choose different hues. It really gives a ridiculously natural feel. It is suitable for ladies with medium to long hair and those who time is not an issue when it comes to fixing the hair.

4. Shattered Layers

This is a natural long layered haircut with shattered layers that makes it simple and effortless to style. It is ideal for ladies with medium to thick hair type with natural curls. The texture and the layers enhance the movement and create softness to the hair. It can be worn curly or straight.

5. Modern Brigitte Bardot Layers

This is a great hairstyle that can be styled for many different hair textures. It all depends on whether you have enough time to dedicate to styling. The best thing about it is that women of all face shapes can wear it. It is an airy, trendy hairstyle that every woman love.

6. Pointcut Hair

This is a long-layered haircut that is maintained even from the front to the back. The layering is brought about through point cutting. The most preferred thing about it is that it blends pretty well with almost all skin tones. It is an ideal style for ladies who need to be able to lift up their hair to get a ponytail.

7. Glamorous, Layered Blowout

Are planning to go out to a party or for a romantic outing? These cascading dark chocolate shades are the answer to your needs. They will surely impress you. It is an ideal style for that lady who wants a beautiful blowout look. It is also very suitable for girls who love to wake up and go for work and after work go to a night out rave with friends.

8. Easy Feathered Long Segmented Locks

This is a flowing long layered haircut. Liked because of the bounce and volume it adds to a dull hair. It also blends the balayage and adds some dimension to the entire style. We recommend this style to anyone with thick hair and wants a something fresh and simple. It is pretty easy to style and also low maintenance.

9. Long Hair with Short Layers

Among all the long-layered haircuts, this one beats them all whairstyle is cut pointed at the trimmings with the layers whirled over for enhanced texture. It is ideal for girls who like unstructured styles and have no time to spend over styling.hen it comes to movement and depth. The interior layering is done using a razor, and the perimeter is cleaned with shears. It really works magic for ladies with medium density and textured hair. It is suitable for women with round shaped faces since it gives an impression of a longer face.

10. Boho Deep Side Part

Simply, this is an effortless, lively, and boho look with edge. It is a carefree style, and the shape and unique texture carry the day. You can also flip flop the parts at the front to add new volume. The hairstyle is cut pointed at the trimmings with the layers whirled over for enhanced texture. It is ideal for girls who like unstructured styles and have no time to spend over styling.

11. Carame

This is a subtle and natural haircut. The colour presents enough dimension and pop. The most admired thing about it is the warmth of the balayage. Undeniably, warm caramel shades improve brunettes handsomely. It is a good look for anyone who wants a natural and a low maintenance style. The hue needs merely some touch-ups two or more times a year. Ideal for all hair types and textures.

12. Layered and Textured Cut

This is a textured and long layered hairstyle. The styling starts with v-shaping at the back. The ends are then shattered for a super piecey look. The best thing about it is the way it tapers down. We believe that this feature boosts the character of this style. We recommend it for women who want something unique and different from the simple long layered haircut.

13. Lovely Ash Brown Tousled Hair

There are tousled tresses with dark brown balayage. The light transition from babylights to more enhanced highlights at the bottom is super. This transition matches the entire shape of the layers. It is suitable for ladies with thick and coarse hair who need to maintain the volume. The layers eradicate unnecessary weight, while still lifting the style to give more volume to your hair.

14. Sultry Layered Look

This is simply flirty and stylish look. Although it is layered, the short face-framing parts enhance sultry look to the haircut. The colour is also the best. The hairstyle is highlighted and lowlighted at the same time to boost the natural colour of the hair. It looks great on medium to coarse hair.

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