Top 10 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

Looking for some extra cash to see you through the sunny season? We hear you! Let’s take a look at the top ten ways to put some extra money in your pocket this summer.

Part-time work

A classic, with good reason! If you have the hours to spare, a part-time job can net you some helpful coin. It’s also a great way to make new friends! Check out companies that need seasonal help, such as shops, restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. You can also find a good range of vacancies online.

Dog walking

If you have an affinity with man’s best friend, dog walking is an excellent way to make extra cash. As well as hanging out with some adorable fluffy creatures, it will also help you to increase your step count, get some fresh air, and gather funds for summer adventures.

Sell old stuff online

Do you have a closet full of stuff you just don’t wear anymore? Don’t just let it sit there! Take some photos, write engaging descriptions, and use a platform such as eBay to transform your used goods into hard cash.

Complete online surveys

If you love sharing your opinions of everything from technology to food to politics, online surveys might be a decent way of earning some extra pocket money! Payouts aren’t huge, but surveys are easy and fun to complete, and you’ll enjoy the financial boost.


What’s your specialist subject? If you have the knowledge to pass onto the next generation, tutoring can be a great way to bring in an extra income. Place an ad online, on a community job board, or let people know by word of mouth.

Take out a personal loan

A personal loan needn’t be a daunting prospect. If you need to cover a larger expense and know you’ll have the income to make repayments, this is a great option. Loan Call helps to connect you with reputable lenders to find the perfect loan for your needs.

Become a delivery driver

Delivering food, parcels, or groceries is a flexible way to boost your income. Get in touch with local restaurants, mail companies, courier services, and supermarkets to find out how you can fit deliveries around your current schedule.

Rent out a parking space

Do you have a parking space that you don’t use? Hire it out! Online platforms allow you to connect with commuters and people going on vacation to agree terms. If you live close to an airport, train station, or other transport hub, there’s decent money to be made!

Get paid to shop!

As wild as it may sound, you can actually earn money whilst you shop online. Using affiliate links, companies make a commission from retailers. Then, a portion is passed onto you, the happy shopper! A great excuse to treat yourself!

Become a mystery shopper

Whilst we’re on the subject of shopping, becoming a mystery shopper is an enjoyable way to earn some extra moolah. Sign up with a mystery shopping agency, and they’ll pay you to visit and review shops, bars, cafés, and restaurants. Having fun whilst making money? Perfect!

Thanks to Brad Richardson

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