How to Improve Your Home Security

Especially important for families with loved ones but an essential part of the peace of mind that being inside your home ought to inspire, home security remains one of the most crucial considerations when choosing, renovating and maintaining a property. No one wants to feel remotely unsafe when relaxing in their home and, as the popular saying goes, what you’re aiming for is the sense that ‘my home is my castle.’ This article will outline some of the ways how you’ll be able to get there, with existing and new technologies and smart planning.


The first port of call when it comes to household defense is deterring potential invaders from even bothering to target your home. There are numerous ways to achieve this. First, make sure you’re doing nothing to invite thieves onto your premises, with windows and doors secured where possible both when you’re within and away from your home. Don’t leave curtains open, temptingly displaying the household items lying within your home, and try not to make it too obvious whenever there is no one in your home – the odd light or television left on could make all the difference.

When it comes to home additions, as a minimum, you should make sure you have your alarm system prominently displayed on your home, as this is a key influencer in whether a thief will build up the courage to enter. In addition to this, security cameras with a recording capability, which are also prominent, will further deter those thieves worried about being identified and caught by the police. Finally, a guard dog or large security gate around your property should provide the final method of deterrence for would-be robbers.


Some locks can be easily broken, and in more and more home robberies we’re seeing that the ‘breaking’ part of breaking and entering is more of an ‘unlocking,’ or the forceful breaking of weak and ineffective lock systems. On every window and door in your home, therefore, it pays to have a proper, reliable lock system that’s difficult (if not impossible) to break without creating loud and revealing noises.

The best way to go about this form of home security bolstering is to contact companies such as Positive Security’s locksmith services, asking them to view your property, propose new lock systems, and install them on all of your doors and windows. You’ll be able to browse their most durable products online and, if you’d prefer, speak to them in person; they’re more than used to transforming worn or outdated locks to improve home security. There’s nothing like the peace of mind of resting behind several quality locks, and you’ll find that replacing your older and less efficient ones will let you sit a little more comfortably in your home.


Traditionally, the home security system in your home would consist of a movement-sensitive or lock-break initiated alarm, which will sound to alert those in the home, those living in the neighborhood, and of course the robbers themselves, of a break-in. It’s been used for decades to good effect. However, this needn’t be seen as the be-all and end-all of the security systems you’ll be able to install in your home. Indeed, it merely scrapes the top of a large and exciting iceberg of home protection solutions.

Brief research online will reveal to you the lengths you’ll be able to go to protect your home and your family. For instance, many companies now offer practical and non-intrusive options for ‘safe rooms’ – the room your family will be able to lock itself into if dangerous louts break into your home. From inside you’ll have provisions and a direct line to the local police, meaning that you’ll be safe and secure, with the services arriving to assist quickly. Private security companies also offer a range of systems that include in-room alarm pulls, wearable technology activated by a verbal passcode, and even the slam-down metal doors and windows that mean nothing moves in or out of your home – something particularly attractive to those with precious possessions to keep safe.

Neighborhood Watch

It may seem a hopelessly outdated concept, slightly mocked in the media, but the truth is that neighborhood watch actually works – as both a deterrent and as a method to band together as a community to share information about potentially sinister characters or weak spots in your set of homes. It’s not a huge investment of your time and rarely costs more than a few bucks here and there, but it’ll really encourage peace of mind in all your local residents.

This form of small and localized protection is especially kind in neighborhoods that have a high proportion of the elderly, who are unable to protect themselves or their homes and may live with an element of fear in them that their homes could be easy targets for would-be thieves. In this sense, starting or participating in a neighborhood watch will grant your aging neighbors a degree of comfort and peace of mind they’re sure to appreciate.


Sometimes, despite the most dogged of preparatory measures and a deep investment in the systems that’ll keep your home safe, individuals still experience damaging break-ins, with thieves making off with a variety of expensive goods and causing expensive damage in the process. The only real protection against this deeply unlucky eventuality is to take out the appropriate level of insurance, protecting you financially from the repercussions of a break-in.

When selecting insurance policies, read carefully through the specific underwriting details, the premiums and the payouts, and carefully detail the value of your possessions, so that in the event of your making a claim, you’re not left in the horrible position of being either ineligible or short-changed. If in doubt, ask a financial advisor or speak directly with the insurance provider to tease out the small details of your policy.

Use these helpful tips to protect your home, your family and your possessions for the risk of a traumatic break-in situation. The more you protect your home, the more deep and comfortable will be the peace of mind you experience when relaxing in your home.

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