Celebrating Women In Your Community

For all the amazing women who have accomplished great things and become recognized for their achievements, there are many more quietly working away in their local communities. You probably know some yourself; women who devote themselves to good causes, inspire children through their teaching, create artworks that give pleasure to other people, or work tirelessly to raise money and improve the lives of their fellows. These women are the cornerstones of communities, without whom far less would be achieved, and life would be lacking. You may even be one of these women yourself, although it seems to be a universal trait amongst the truly worthy not to acknowledge their own contribution. There are plenty of awards and rewards for national and international women of note, but far fewer for the noble women of our local communities, so maybe it’s time to let them know how highly we value them.

Showing your appreciation Genuinely altruistic and inspiring women don’t do what they do because they want fame and glory. They do it from a conviction that it is the right thing to do, something they are born to share, or the belief that everyone has a part to play in creating a better environment in which to live. Because of this they very often get taken for granted, because everyone knows they can be relied upon to help out or take charge.

A word of thanks goes a long way to recognizing the contribution women make and is so easy to do. The requisite note of thanks on the minutes of a committee meeting may tick a box, but it’s not the same as individuals saying thank you or commenting on what a great job you’ve done now and then.

Introducing community awards

People who have received official recognition of their achievements and the contribution they’ve made are recorded for posterity, leaving a valuable legacy for their descendants and inspiring others to follow their lead. Setting up your own awards ceremony needn’t be too arduous or expensive, and will act as an endorsement of community appreciation for the work women have done. A simple tea or picnic where guests of honor are waited on and personally thanked for their contributions can be arranged without too much trouble or cost. It will be an enjoyable community event, and a chance for your local heroes to get the recognition they deserve. A memento of the occasion will add a special touch, for example, a certificate that commemorates the event, or a challenge coin, which is a special kind of bespoke medal.

The importance of the work women undertake in their communities cannot be underestimated, and showing appreciation for what they do should be a regular activity. They may be operating on a smaller scale than the international stars of politics and culture we all know, but they are having an equally significant effect on the people of their communities. If you know any local women who deserve to be honoured for what they have done, talk to your community leaders and make sure local women are celebrated and treasured, and that they know how much they are appreciated.

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