A-Z Guide to wearing Hair Extensions at Weddings

Surely you want to look pretty in that wedding gown but something is not right with your natural hair; so what is it that will do the trick? What is the ultimate beauty therapy for hair that seems short, dull and in shackles? Here is the thing.

Either way, your hair needs that shiny look, long and luscious. A bride in that colourful gown will feel gorgeous while on a hair extension that drops smoothly behind her back. But first, know how to exhaust your options before deciding on your hair extension.

In a nutshell, you may consider Clip-ins; glued; micro-ring beaded; weave, or sew-in ‘yourself’ hair extensions. Check for which to suit you in our “Which Hair Extension for Which Occasion,” blog post. The application is lengthy and the cost comes in depending on the synthetics and extension options, and quality as well. Whether you are considering on adding glamour to your hair or looking for more lengthy hair, then incorporating colorful hair extensions is the only way.

A guide to applying for a hair extension on your wedding

Familiarize with a variety of popular hair extensions

Tape In extension

This extension has two strands on the end. They are applied by pushing against the hair and fastened around the natural hair. These are a nice selection for a bride has no problem with the binding extension on her wedding day. They are advantageous than Clip In extension in that applying them gives a perfect bond that is permanent. They tape in extension strips are clamped to the hair using a heating tool.

Clip In extensions

These are widely used, number one hair extension, as a temporary hair extension. They are easy to fix and take out, with little damage when applied correctly. Clip in extensions is usually clipped and not until the wedding day are they applied. Shop at REBE HAIR for different Clip-Inextensions; get with affordable tag prices.

Strand-by-Strand Bonded Extensions

When applying for these hair extensions the stylist uses individual pieces bonding them with your natural hair. They will give you the flexibility necessary to give hair a bride-hair look. However, you will require regular checks and maintenance with your stylist.

You will bump on other hair extensions such as straight hair (Brazilian hair), virgin hair loose wave, weave, spiral curly hair, and U tip hair when shopping. However, so as to get a variety to choose from prefer the popularly used hair extension applicable at weddings.

Working with your stylist

It is advisable consulting your stylist to get a clue about the best hair extension to use for the wedding day. For instance, it is important to know if applying makeup will blend with the selected hair extension; and which hair extension to use for a certain make- up. The cost offered by the stylist should at least allow you to purchase and still have your hair extension applied. The stylist should be in a position to highlight the Do’s and Don’ts of various hair extensions upon which you will choose from.

The DO and DON’T’s:

To achieve the glamour and beauty with a romantic look for the groom, It is wise to consider the Do’s and Don’ts before you apply for any hair extensions.

Choose a right color, a color that does not match your hair color. It is not the time to try out; you need to know the exact color for your hair extension, one that will give a nice contrast with your natural hair.

Learn how to wear and remove hair extensions. Each extension requires an exactly different procedure. If you select the bonded extension, you might want to be patient because it takes time to apply. Clip-ins are favorable for weddings as it takes approximately 30 minutes to put up. Whereas tape-ins is the best fit if you are applying a few days to the wedding day.
What about removing them… All extensions are exhaustive when removing. You have to make sure you do not damage your hair while removing. Some like, bonded and tape-ins require an alcoholic solution to remove.

Remember to avoid applying oils and products with silicone content near the attachments. It is also advisable to allow yourself some time to maintain your hair extension. If you do need any assistance, consider consulting any real-time Chinese hair distributor and you shall get the perfect advice for your wedding occasion.

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