Body Language Signs That Mean He’s into You

Men are naturally not as good in expressing themselves verbally as women. Due to this, a woman cannot quickly tell from a man’s words if he likes her. Also, due to fear of rejection, insecurity, or being timid naturally, a man may hesitate to verbalize how he feels about a woman especially when he likes her. A woman should forget about words to know if a man likes her and concentrate on body language as this never lies and the man cannot control it. Most of the signs are reflex and occur subconsciously hence you cannot go wrong with them.

So how do you know if a man who you have interacted with after meeting physically or hooking up on dating sites such as happy matches is into you? Read on for a look at some of the signs to check out.

1. He makes eye contact
It is said that eyes are the window to the soul. When a person likes another he or she looks into their eyes to try stealing a look into their soul. An outstanding sign when a man likes you is he will look into your eyes even from afar in the room, then turn away, then return to make eye contact with you.

2. He Leans in Close
People lean in when they find what the other person is saying interesting and they do so unknowingly. If a man is into you, we will tend to lean in despite being able to hear precisely what you are saying.

3. He grooms or preens himself
Have you observed a man when not with you and realized that when you are together, he dresses more smartly and endeavours to smell better? This is an indication that he cares about what you think of him. He may even preen himself by straightening his shirt, fussing with his hair or doing other such-like things when in your company.

4. He fidgets
Sometimes men are not sure what to do with their hands in the presence of the girl they like. They may run the hands over their hair, straighten their shirts and then pocket the hands. They may then repeat the whole sequence. Guys also move in their chair as if to sit comfortably but are dealing with the nervous energy they feel while with the girl they consider special.

5. He maintains his feet angled towards you
When he is into you, he will point his feet straight at you. The angling towards you indicates interest and being drawn to you.

6. He stares at you
If you catch a man staring at you from the other side of the room, he is most probably into you. He does not want even a single moment of the girl he likes to pass him.

7. He mirrors you
You may observe that the man imitates you, like crossing his arms when you do so or using same words as you do though they are not part of his vocabulary as you previously know him.

8. He faces you
He positions himself in a way to look directly at you even when seated across the room. People subconsciously face those they like so they can watch them.

9. His lips part
You may realize his entire expression is changing, but his lips will part –be it immediately after he sees you or later.

10. He finds you hilarious
When a man laughs at your jokes even the seemingly lamest of them, he wants you to like him.

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