5 Ways To Make Yourself Feel Happy Each Day

If there were one quick solution to banish anxiety, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy, then everyone would be having the time of their lives, and there wouldn’t be any sadness in the world. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. It is believed that happiness is an inside job, and trying to find pleasure in even the small things you do is the way forward. Therefore, each day, you need to do something to make yourself happy, whether it’s a big gesture, or
something as simple as cooking your favourite meal.

To boost your happiness daily, below are five ways to try:

1. Get The Help You Deserve

Some people are genuinely happy with their life, but others aren’t quite as lucky, whether it’s a stressful situation dragging them down, feeling unsatisfied with their current working role, or battling addiction as a way to cope with everyday life. If, for whatever reason, you are struggling with substance abuse issues, and feel you could benefit from receiving professional help, then reach out to those who are qualified to help you. Drug detox could enable you to get your life back on track and on the way to feeling brighter and more positive again.

2. Eat Your Greens

Consistently eating fast foods denies your body the vital vitamins and nutrient it needs, and as a result, you might start to feel abnormally tired accompanied by a feeling of sluggishness and general malaise. Your diet the place to start to turn it around, especially as green vegetables are packed full with vitamin A, C, E, and K; all of which enable your body to replenish energy stores as well as bolster your immune system, and keep bones stronger for longer. If you don’t find getting your five-a-day easy, then consider making a morning smoothie of spinach, kale, banana, and some red berries to get your greens all in one hit.

3. Stay Hydrated

Keep your body and brain functioning well throughout the day, and stave off dehydration by drinking at least two litres of water each day. If the weather is hot or if you’re very active (and you’re sweating more than usual), you should aim to drink more, and always drink when you feel thirsty. Make a real effort to keep a water bottle with you at all times, and preferably one free from BPA. Some of the best bottles are made from glass, as they don’t get quite as hot when and if they’re left outside, or in the car in high temperatures.

4. Slow Down

This means getting off your cell phone in your free time and doing, well, nothing. Rushing to and from places is sure to make your heart rate increase and your blood pressure rise, so make more time to do the things you need to do in the day. Allow yourself an extra ten minutes in the morning.

5. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness involves sitting quietly and allowing your mind to completely empty of stress, worry, and work. To be mindful, you should focus on your surroundings and only think about your presence in the here and now; on what you’re doing at the very second when you’re listening to the slow and steady repetitiveness of your breathing.

Being happy is ultimately in your control. You should try to make time for activities you enjoy every day, even if that’s a short walk, or listen to an upbeat song on your way home from work, for example. Try to implement small ways to improve your mood each day, and see if you begin to feel more able and less stressed. If the above tips don’t help to boost how you feel, don’t hesitate to approach your doctor to discuss your options, as persistent low mood could be an indication of depression, so it’s important to seek professional help.

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