5 Reasons why Female Education is so Important

Education is a vital thing for both women and men. Studies are the main trigger to world’s development of science, technology, and society in general. It is possible to know how to coordinate with each other in modern society. A human being would never visit space if there were no such things as astrophysics and planetary science. When it comes to scientific discoveries, the contribution made by women is no less than it is of men. Thanks to women education females are just as important in the world of technology and science as males.

Trying to figure out how many women are actually graduated from higher education institutions, I had to look through lots of statistical data. And look what I found49.6 % is a current ladies population. Unfortunately, some part of them is still uneducated. Most of those who have not enrolled in college simply had no such a chance. The reason for that might be a low level of well-being and/or origin from developing countries where the importance of female education is not counted as an essential thing.

Let’s face the truth and admit that such an inappropriate situation is kept nowadays in the 21st century. Unfortunately, women and education are still not always come together. There is an opinion that ladies do not need any knowledge at all. They are expected to look after children and household and spend time on cooking.

* How does she do it properly if she is not educated?
* How can she cook the delicious dish if she can’t read a recipe?
* How does she read the fairy tales to her children at night?
* How will she give valuable advice to her loving husband if she doesn’t realize the topic which he is talking about?

She must be educated well to be an auspicious mistress at her house. The whole family only wins her knowledge.

Next reason for women backgrounds importance is to be a part of the society of the professionals. If you notice, such professions as teachers, doctors, registered nurses, personal assistants, library workers, civil employers are female in general. In this case, ladies have not only primary background at school, but the university or college degree allowing them to work in these fields. The society can be developed when both males and females are involved equally in the process. The unemployment problem is not so frightening in the case where ladies can replace the men on their positions.

One more reason lies in the religious sphere. For example, educated women know their rights in Muslim countries. That is why more and more ladies from countries with Muslim religion become educated to be a full participant in daily life. Men try to marry one or two ladies maximum because of their endless fights about the prosperity of each of them. They start to compare it and make their husband nervous.

One more crucial reason for female background is in own study of their lovely children. Children can get a bright childhood thanks to an educated mother. They can read books together; she can be an irreplaceable assistant while their children are learning at school. They can discuss any topic if the mother has enough knowledge on essential topics at least. Female daily life should be harmonious. No one says that she must be a professor or to have the highest degree. At the same time, all-around knowledge makes her life diverse and full of positive emotions.

The following events will never have happened with the women if she is educated well:

1. AIDS would not be a problem anymore if the female graduated from primary school at least. She should be aware of the lethal risk of AIDS from any possible resources starting from booklets till individual courses.

2. Absence is in the political sphere. Ladies should know their rights to vote and to be part of the political system of their country.

3. Trafficking is a real wound on the Earth body. I am confident if girls from developing countries know their rights, they will never be victims of trafficking.

4. Poverty is the crucial reason why educate women. If the ladies always have access to the learning process, poverty will be reduced thanks to active women participation in business processes.

5. It is not a secret that females can get more funds or salaries if she has more opportunities for study. The quantity of foreign languages is a significant advantage for her.

The time when women sit at home is passed. The woman is the equal partner to a man in such fields as medicine, learning, travel, business, and law. Understanding of gender equality helps us to make this world better as it is.

Thanks to Harry Southworth

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