3 Ways to Have a Complete Project Manager Cover Letter

Project management is one of the most financially and professionally rewarding fields from the employment world. It’s natural to aim for a project management (PM) position, since you’ve graduated a business college or discovered you have the necessary skills to make a difference. However, it seems almost impossible to get a PM job with all the competition out there. We have comprised a guide that teaches you how to create a compelling and charming project manager cover letter which leads your application file to success.

Cover letters are the employment all-timers that show recruiters more than a regular resume. The cover letter states that you’re interested enough in the job to write a personalized and well-thought document. Recruiters take note of the personal touch that your application file has, thanks to a perfectly written cover letter. If you stick to guidelines and show that you are fit for the job, you might get that interview call earlier than you’ve thought. Explore the ways to write a winning project manager cover letter depending on your experience!

How a Project Manager Cover Letter Looks Like

The project manager should have short and organized paragraph which are free of any redundant sentences or information. You show off your potential through your tone of voice, examples and entire content of the document. According to IResumeCoverLetter, you should use the basic format of a cover letter even if you lack experience, as the letter may be an essential asset for your file. Before performing your research, read more about compiling your letter through examples.

The cover letter usually includes:

* Contact details: The cover letter should begin with your contact details (name, address, email address, phone number) and the date you write and send the document. Place the contact details of the recruiter below, as found in the job posting or the company’s website.

* Greeting and motive: Address the recruiter directly by providing details about the job ad (website or referral), why you want to apply for the job and why they should consider you.

* Business introduction: Present your current business role in an inviting paragraph to read more about your career and experience. Mention tasks and responsibilities which are similar to the job description.

* Hook with achievements: By this time, recruiters might be in a hurry and reconsider reading your letter. Hook them with a paragraph about your past achievements – if they relate to the job you pursue.

* Skills to promote: Highlight relevant business and personal skills that you have gained on other occasions than the above.

* Closing formula: Recap your strengths, thank recruiters for their attention and invite them to contact you. You can get creative in this paragraph with a call-to-action – if it provides information, such as availability time.

3 Ways to Write Your Attention-Grabbing Project Manager Cover Letter

1. Use Your Extensive Experience Project management is the second most boring job in the world, according to a survey. Such results show the need for talent and initiative in the field, as project managers are essential to companies. The key responsibilities of a PM are to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects. Successful managers get involved in each step of the above responsibilities and make projects anything but boring.

You can use your experience to prove that you’re not a PM which doesn’t stay out of initiating projects and campaigns. Those who are highly experienced in project management or have previously worked in the same field as the job they apply for should use their background to emphasize their potential.

* Determine and include the reason why you plan to change your job and what connects your current role to the future company.

* Feel free to even use delicate projects or situations from your experience to emphasize the means that helped you successfully complete them.

* Managers need to have strong communication skills. The introduction is where you should impress through your use of words.

* Make sure your tone is entirely business and impressive enough even for a top-tier company.

* Emphasize your evolution and the results you got from achieving your job goals.

2. Achievements Matter

If your experience is not yet impressive and you fear that opponents may get the job, you should focus on past achievements. Some pieces of information might be relevant to recruiters even if your former job is not in the field of project management. To determine whether your achievements fit a PM job, you can use the PAM metrics:

* Problem: You had a challenging situation or issue throughout your activity;

* Action: What you did to solve or improve the situation;

* Result: The outcome, with percentages, metrics or numbers – including long-term changes.

Achievements are only valid if they are backed-up by numbers, percentages or other metrics. Unmeasurable achievements show your work as doubtful. Remember that achievements raise the bar. You will not sound arrogant, as the resume and cover letter should show anything but modesty. You can consider ideas which were implemented, team initiatives, workflow improvements and others. Voluntary work also leads to achievements.

3. Skills and Wins

If you’re an intern or you’ve just graduated, you lack experience or career-related achievements. However, you can turn to personal skills to emphasize your potential. Recruiters look for applicants with specialized skills, as reported by the PMI (Project Management Institute). Recruiters look for leadership, strategic and critical thinking, technical and strong communication skills to ensure a long-lasting employment.

You gain skills throughout your academic life if you research thoroughly.

* Your GPA shows interest in learning and later applying your knowledge. You can even mention impressive results from college courses or projects.

* If you have recommendation letters, feel free to mention them in the cover letter and include them in your application file. Forget about the Available upon request formula, as recruiters usually don’t ask for additional resources. This stage is time consuming and, therefore, avoided in the employment process.

* Mention software, knowledge of techniques and tools and other information which might reveal technical knowledge.

Wrapping Up

Writing an impressive project manager cover letter might take time and focus. However, remember that your work is not done once you finish it. Make sure you proofread your letter and resume and clear any typos, grammar errors or irrelevant content.

Sending a complete application file shows the recruiter that you’re interested in their job rather than finding any job available now. Pay attention to your project manager cover letter and resume and build your way to a new rewarding job!

Thanks to Elizabeth Heron

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