How to Take Care of Feet When You Always Wear High Heels

There are many reasons why wearing high heels is something women do every day. Their work might require them to dress a certain way. High heels also help with confidence and they force you to remain in a good posture for as long as you wear them.

Of course, wearing high heels all the time isn’t recommended, especially if you spend most of the day standing up. If you can’t avoid wearing high heels all day long, every day, then these foot therapy tips and tricks will help you take care of your feet better.

Use Insoles

You can now combine insoles with any type of shoes, so wearing them when you wear high heels should not be a problem. Some insoles are designed to be therapeutic. They have dots on certain places known as pressure points, so your feet are getting massaged as you walk and stand all day. Other insoles focus more on providing your heel with proper support. Not all fashion shoes are comfortable to wear. Some have hard soles that don’t really go along well with their higher heels. Insoles really help in this department.

Wearing a comfortable stocking is also a good idea. You can’t wear a thick pair of socks with high heels, therefore, try wool stockings every now and then. They are easy to mix and match with other fashion items, plus you can get better protection from the cold with a pair of wool stockings on.

The Evening Treatment

Giving your feet sufficient time to breath and relax after wearing high heels all day is important. Sit down comfortably, open your shoes, and simply stretch your legs until you can feel the strain on both feet easing up. That’s your tired muscles asking for a long break.

Fill a tub with warm water and add some Epsom salt to it. Trust me, putting your feet in this mixture – especially when it is at the right temperature – after a long day at work is just incredible. It isn’t just good for the feet; it’s also good for helping you relax after the long day.

More Treatments to Consider

Your feet are filled with pressure points. Treatments like reflexology help ease some of the muscle pain around the feet while improving other functions around the body. Now, you don’t need to visit a massage shop or a spa every day just to get the right treatment for your feet.

There are home foot massagers and gadgets you can choose from. Some have specific functions, like diabetic foot care to help those with diabetes. Others are more for relaxation purposes. Choosing them is also easy now that there are top sites like focusing on reviewing them.

30 minutes of foot therapy is all you need to feel so much better. Do it regularly – every day when you have your own massager – and you won’t have to deal with the common foot problems that come from wearing high heels and standing all day long.

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