A Look at the Top Seven Hospital-Based Jobs

Finding the perfect career path that not only makes you feel excited to get up each more, but also gives you the kind of challenge you’re looking for can be a long process. Clearly, you want to pick a career path that your skills and experience are well suited for, but at the same time, you also need to think about its rate of growth, earning potential, and if it’s a career that will require you to move to a different city/town.

When it comes to the biggest employer in the United States that draws all kinds of people in, nothing can even come close to the healthcare industry. It’s an industry that has been growing over the years, but thanks to the aging population, the rate of growth has really sped-up, which means even more staff are needed. Looking back to the year 2000, there were seven million more people working in the manufacturing industry than the healthcare industry. As of 2017, that is no longer the case.

What this means for those just setting out in their careers or looking to for a career change, is that the healthcare industry has never been more promising in terms of job opportunities. So, what jobs exist in the field? Here, we’ll take a look at top seven hospital jobs that could end up being the exact right career choice for you.


If there is one hospital-based job that will truly have you working on the front lines as far as patient care goes, that job is a nurse. Nurses are actually regarded as one of the most trusted groups of professionals in the entire country, as they are known for their tireless work that often ends up saving lives. Statistics show that there are more than 4.1 million nurses in the U.S. and of that number, 3.3 million are registered nurses.

Of course, becoming a nurse requires the proper educational training, and licensing in your state. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose a focus or area of specialty. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), registered nurses can expect a median salary of $70,000.

Medical Technologist

The field of medical technologists is one that has really expanded and evolved over the past decade or so, thanks to advances in technology and medical equipment. In this role, you will be working in the laboratory where you will test bodily fluids, tissue, and blood. You will be analyzing the results and then delivering them to the laboratory directory or physician. The job requires very specialized training and is highly technical. It can be great for those who are detail-oriented and well-organized.

According to the BLS, medical technologists can expect a median pay of $51,770 per year.

Physical Therapist

Here’s a career path that is growing at an absolute break-neck speed. According to the U.S. BLS, the job outlook between now and 2026 is that the field will grow by 28%, which is way above the national average. In this position, you can expect a median salary of $86,850 per year. As a physical therapist, you’ll be able to work with a range of age groups helping patients with rehabilitation, as well as prevention and treatment of illnesses, chronic conditions, and various injuries.


A pharmacist is another popular career path in the hospital environment. Hospitals will have their own pharmacy for dispensing patient medication prescribed by physicians, and usually a pharmacy available to the public who wish to fill their prescriptions before leaving. You’ll be responsible for supervising the entire medicine supply chain and making sure that all laws and regulations are followed. You will also be there to advise patients, so you can talk to them about how to take their prescribed medications.

This is a high-paying position with a median yearly salary of $124,170. This particular field is growing, but at a much slower rate than some of the other healthcare industry jobs.

Administrative Staff

In order for a hospital to run smoothly, there are a lot of behind-the-scenes personnel working in the administrative department. Depending on the size and scope of the hospital, the administrative staff numbers can actually be quite high. You can choose to work as an administrative assistant, or you may want to look at more managerial positions within the department.

This is ideal for those who want to work in the healthcare industry but don’t want to be part of the front lines and dealing with patients directly.

Dietician or Nutritionist

Another position that exists at the majority of hospitals is that of an on-staff dietician and/or nutritionist. The two are different positions, so a hospital may have both. In a nutshell, these positions take into account how food and nutrition affect the body, and then help patients to put together meal plans and options that will aid in their recovery or help their overall health.

According to the BLS, dietitians and nutritionists can expect to make a yearly salary of $59,410.

Physician Assistant

Last, but certainly not least, is the career of a physician assistant. If you’re looking for a job with plenty of growth potential, then this is the career worth eyeing. BLS has its job outlook at a 37% growth rate, way above the national average. As well, the yearly median salary is $104,860. As a physician assistant, you will be working with a team of surgeons, physicians, and other healthcare personnel in order to examine, diagnose, and then treat various patients. You will work with all ages, will actually do various treatments, take a patient’s medical history, record their progress, prescribe medication, and more.

Endless Opportunities in the Field

As you try to figure out what the best career is for you, it’s always good to look at the industry that shows growth potential and healthy wage potential. The healthcare industry certainly ticks off both of those boxes. It also reassures people that their job is helping to change the lives of others.

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