Indy Mom Looking for Some Serious “Me Time?” Three Fabulous Ideas to Treat Yourself

“Me time” is something that’s incredibly hard to come by, regardless of whether you’ve been a mom for six months or six years.

What used to be a sort of “no big deal” outing now requires painstaking preparation. Even something as simple as going to the movies requires you to align your schedules, mark your calendar and

As such, you need to make the absolute most of the times that you do get to spend on your own. And don’t think of “me time” as neglecting the responsibilities of your child or partner. Sure, you might absolutely adore both, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let your own well being fall by the wayside.

Reality check: moms need to plan some time away from their families to maintain their sanity. This might mean getting together with your girlfriends for a mini-vacation or simply stepping out on the town on your own.

Below we’ve broken down some ideas from Indianapolis moms looking to just that. Even if you’re not in Indy, you can take these ideas as inspiration for your own “me time” wherever you might be.

Go Beyond the City Proper

First thing’s first: perhaps one of the best ways to get away from it all is to quite literally take yourself out of your comfort zone. Why not pack it up and go on a road trip throughout the state so you don’t take yourself too far from home? And yes, you should totally bring your girlfriends along for the ride.

From the epic Charles Deam Wilderness Area in Bloomington to ziplining and state parks in Nashville (yes, the Nashville in Indiana), the state has so much to offer in terms of adventure. Finding an RV rental in Indiana is a cinch and represents a prime way to explore your home state if you haven’t done so properly.

Scope Out Some Stellar Shopping

Pop quiz: when’s the last time you went on a proper shopping spree? Don’t neglect the power of retail therapy, especially if you’ve been stuck in sweatpants for the past few months.

Take advantage of the best shopping in Indianapolis to treat yourself depending on your taste, including…

* Castleton Square, the largest mall in the state with no shortage of stores to meet your stylish needs

* The Fashion Mall, boasting a number of high-end stores if you’re looking for something more elegant

* The Shoppes at Perry Crossing, including an outdoor area to allow you to get some serious steps in while you shop

Enjoy a Scrumptious Brunch

There’s nothing like a ladies-only brunch to reward yourself, is there?

The good news is that you’re smack dab in the neighborhood of some of the best restaurants you could possibly hope for. If you’re looking for some new fare or simply a place to enjoy some noon-time cocktails, check out some of the top downtown Indy brunch spots such as Love Handle, Milktooth or Open Society Public House.

Seriously: the brunch scene in Indianapolis is insane. Don’t take it for granted and make a checklist of different spots to check out for your next “me time” outing.

There’s no two ways about it: sometimes you just plain need to get away from it all. Whether you’re flying solo for the weekend or are planning a getaway with your girlfriends, any of these options are totally fair game for some stress-free time outside of home.

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