How to be the Best Pet Owner

Animals can be the most rewarding friends you will ever have, which explains why having pets is so popular all over the world. There are so many excellent reasons why people enjoy sharing their homes with other species and having a pet is seen as fairly common. However, inviting a pet into your home isn’t as simple as going to the pet store and handing over the money; it is an important duty to be a good caregiver to any animals in your home. Despite the fact that it seems as if almost anybody can have a pet, only people with adequate time, resources and compassion should undertake the responsibility. Here are a few tips that will help you to become an excellent owner to your pets.

One: Don’t Rush In

Having a baby is a huge decision that has repercussions that extend far beyond the lives of the parents. People don’t tend to make these decisions lightly, and when a baby is born unexpectedly, it can disrupt everything. This theory also applies to getting a pet. Far too many people buy animals as gifts for other people, not knowing whether or not that person has the means to support another life. It is selfish to keep a pet simply to have around for fun without understanding that it takes time and effort. Resist the urge to rush out and find the cutest animal in the store as you need proper time to research the kind of pet you can look after, what equipment you might need and how much of your time will be spent taking care of it. Think carefully and logically before rushing into anything. The life of another living creature is at stake. If you do decide to buy a pet, make sure you have the correct supplies to allow it a happy, healthy life. Buy food, toys, a bed, and a pet water fountain, so that your pet feels comfortable with you from the first day you meet.

Two: Understand the Implications

Similar to the last point, it is vital that you understand what it means to be a good pet owner. Everything from a goldfish to a tortoise needs proper dedication to give it the lifestyle it deserves. Just because you love dogs does not mean you are necessarily in a good position to give one a home. Think about the lifespan of the pet you want and try to see yourself taking care of it from beginning to end. If you think you might lose interest or move abroad while your pet is still alive, save yourself and the animal some stress by waiting until your life is in a state that has room for a pet. Even animals with shorter lifespans such as rodents and fish deserve plenty attention and love, so don’t bring one home unless you are willing to look after it every day of its life.

Three: Health is Everything

Animals and humans have a hard time understanding each other at the best of times, so when your pet is sick, it can be nearly impossible to tell. As the one with the closest access to healthcare, it is your duty as the human to make sure your pet lives as healthy a life as possible. Letting your pet become thin from neglect or overweight from a poor diet is cruel, as is causing them stress by isolating them or subjecting them to unwanted attention. To your pet, you are their entire life, and it is essential that you give this responsibility the seriousness it requires. If you have an older pet, you might also want to consider using joint supplements to help them stay fit and active in their senior years. Furthermore, after decades of concentrated breeding, especially in dogs, there are many illnesses that your pet might be prone to that need to be addressed before they cause any harm. It always helps to learn more so you can stay one step ahead and keep your pets as healthy as can be.

Four: The Language Barrier

Body language among humans is tricky enough to decipher, but when it comes to your pet, there are ways you can get to grips with it and understand each other over time. By creating a bridge across the language barrier, you can better cater to the needs of your pet and provide it with a more fulfilling life. Each species has a different kind of communication style, and within that, each individual can be extremely different. Dogs vary between breed as to how they behave and speak to each other, so do your research into how your pet shows happiness and discomfort, fear and affection. Make yourself predictable to your pet to comfort them – don’t deliberately startle them for fun or break routine without putting the proper back-up in place beforehand. Some animals are harder to talk to than others, such as mice and fish, but that doesn’t mean they can’t express themselves and leave clues as to how they are feeling. Pay attention to your animal, and soon you’ll see that they can be understood almost as easily as a person.

Five: What a Pet Isn’t

A pet is not something you should bring home on a whim. The commitment will last for years and abandoning the pet at any time is cruel. Unfortunately, people have been breeding animals for centuries to heighten specific traits that they deem desirable, such as strength, size, or disposition. Resist getting yourself a pet just to fulfill an image of yourself in your mind. While many people make fun of Hollywood women with tiny dogs in their handbags, it is sad to imagine all the illnesses and accompanying pain that dog is experiencing thanks to human-directed evolution to turn a wolf into a lapdog. Pets are not accessories or creatures born solely to provide humans with entertainment. They are not tools for distracting children or hunting.

Six: What a Pet Is

A pet is a friend of another species that likely shares your home. This means that it deserves the same amount of respect you would give to a housemate since it has no choice but to live with you. Pets are for companionship, which is a two-way street. You are more important to your pet than you realize and therefore you must love it unconditionally or find it a new, more appropriate home. To be a good pet owner all you have to do is be empathetic and loving.

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