How Dog Owners Can Effectively Clean Their Home

Your dog will be one of your biggest sources of joy, but also one of the biggest frustrations within the home. That’s because you’ll be forced to contend with shedding fur, unfortunate messes, and broken belongings. If you are struggling to maintain a hygienic, clutter-free space, here’s how dog owners can effectively clean their home.

Regular Dog Grooming

Is dog hair covering your floors, furniture, and clothing? You might feel like you cannot contend with the amount of fur your pet sheds, but you can. You simply need to take your pet pooch to a regular dog grooming session, which can reduce the amount of hair he or she sheds within the home. Plus, your dog will have a shinier, healthier coat.

Choose a Pet that Doesn’t Shed

Fur can be one of the most challenging cleanliness issues for pet owners. If you have yet to welcome a pet into the family home, you should consider choosing a breed that barely sheds, such as a Bichon Frises, Schnauzer, or Labradoodle. There are also some double-coated canines that will shed their coat twice a year, such as Siberian Huskies and Akitas.

Train Your Pet

If you want to avoid a nasty surprise within the home, you and your pet should attend dog training classes. This will teach you how to perform commands your dog will respond to each time. As a result, you’ll learn how to stop your dog from going to the bathroom in rooms across the home, so you can maintain a fresh, clean, hygienic space.

Hair Removal from Rugs

Vacuuming might be able to remove hair from carpet and hardwood flooring, but it might be difficult to eliminate the problem from a rug. If you’re struggling with this issue, try to vacuum the rug in multiple directions. Then, use either a squeegee or rubber rake for a low-pile rug to remove every hair.

A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Your carpet will house many unpleasant odors over time when you own a pet. Make your home both look and feel fresher by hiring a professional Denver carpet cleaning service, which can remove foul smells and stains that can accumulate gradually. An annual cleaning should, therefore, become part of your deep cleaning routine.

Wash Your Pet After Each Walk

Of course, if you want to avoid smells and stains as much as possible, you should wash your pet after every walk. By removing the dirt from your dog’s coat, you’ll enjoy a dirt-free home. However, you must not shampoo your canine too often, which can damage your dog’s coat. Instead, simply give your dog a quick wash down with water. Once you have washed your dog, dry him or her with a towel to prevent that foul wet dog odor.

Create a Dog Cleaning Station

You’ll want to protect your home when washing your dog, which is why you should set up a dog cleaning station. Add a heavy-duty doormat, and have dog towels, a water spray bottle, and wipes to hand, which will allow you to clean your pet’s fur or muddy paws easily.

Use a Tape Roller or Lint Brush on Upholstery

Are you constantly finding fur on your drapes, cushions, clothing, and sofa? A tape roller or lint brush could be the ideal solution you’re looking for. Simply run it over the materials to pick up the excess hair, so your home isn’t off-putting to guests.

Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

Some furniture items are less vulnerable to pets than others. If you want to maintain a clean, tidy, and stylish home, you must invest in the right furniture products. For example, a top grain leather sofa can disguise dog scratches, as the hide has been dyed all the way through. If you have your heart set on a fabric sofa, only choose microfiber or micro-suede materials. It’s essential you avoid thin or loosely-woven materials, which are easily destroyed, and you should also opt for a hue that complements your dog’s fur.

Trim Your Dog’s Nails

A dog can only scratch your doors if he or she has long nails. It’s in their nature to scratch the doors to indicate they need to go outside or into another room. Rather than punishing them, simply ensure you trim your dog’s nails to protect your doors and improve their health. You could even train your dog to nudge a hanging bell instead of scratching a door.

Add a Place-mat Under Your Pet’s Bowl

Do you want to prevent food or water from splashing from your pet’s bowl? Well, you can’t. Dogs don’t know how to dine formally, so will happily dig into a bowl once it is put down in front of them. However, you can avoid him or her making too much of a mess by adding a placemat under a bowl. Once your dog has finished, you can simply wipe it to maintain a clean home.

Always Wipe Countertops

No-one wants a dog hair in their dish, no matter how much they love their canine companion. Ensure no family member or guest receives an unwanted surprise in a meal by always wiping down countertops with a cleansing wipe, cleaning solution and paper towel, before you place food on a surface. Also, keep all cutting knives, chopping boards and food preparation tools in a cupboard to prevent them touching fur.

Welcome Fresh Air

Pet smells can almost suck the air out of a home. Ventilate a room by opening windows for some fresh air. It will allow some much-needed oxygen to enter the home, while allowing bad smells to escape.

Clean Your Dog’s Belongings

Prevent unpleasant odors from forming by routinely cleaning your dog’s belongings, such as a dog bed, blanket, or toys. However, you must double check all the items are machine washable. If they are not, wash the items in the sink by hand, and allow them to dry in the garden. The outdoors will help to remove unwanted odors.

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