Home Garage: These Days, It Can Be a Man Cave or a Woman Cave

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We hear too much about man caves, but did you know that your home garage can also be transformed into a woman cave? Having a “cave” should not be exclusive for men. Women have a lot on their plates and they, too need time to relax and spend some me time.

Your home garage is one of the best places to transform into a woman cave. It already comes with the built-in essentials. You just need to add some furniture, a feminine touch, and a good flooring to completely transform the space and one of the best ways to do this is by using epoxy flooring.

Why Exactly Should Women Have Their Own Women Caves?

While there shouldn’t be a contest between men and women as to who work harder, we need to acknowledge that women also have a lot on their plates these days. They make sure that everyone is taken care of but often don’t find enough time to take care of themselves. A woman cave can encourage this much needed self-care.

Having a woman cave is not a revolutionary statement. It is simply a space where she can go to nurture herself, for a change. Whether she’s a mother, a wife, or an independent single woman, she needs time away from the world once in a while.

How to Transform Your Garage into the Ultimate Woman Cave?

So, how do you get started? Just like any man cave, what you need is your own personal touch as a woman in designing this personal space. Not all women are the same so we’re not going to stereotype by telling you to fill it with pink walls and flowers. It’s really about creating a space where you can focus on yourself. Consider talking to Spark Garage Doors – Aurora CO if you want some more perspective on getting the right garage door for your aspiring man/women cave.

Here are the most essential items you need to create the ideal woman cave:

Personal Items

First, you need to pick a few personal items that will stay in “the cave” so that whenever you’re there, you are reminded that this place is yours and yours alone. The purpose of this is to make the space unique and represent yourself.

Choose items that bring you positive reinforcement whether it’s a home project that you’ve finished yourself, a photograph from a trip that you enjoyed alone, or maybe a picture board of things you want yet to achieve. The important thing is that it has a touch of “you”.

Storage Space

Next, you need to ensure that your woman cave has enough storage space for everything that you will need whenever you spend some time there. You can create a closet space for your clothes, a shelf for your favorite books, or maybe a good old wine chiller.

All these are possible when you transform your garage into a woman cave. Some women want more storage spaces for their shoes and some prefer more space for their arts and crafts. It is really up to you. Just make sure to have enough storage for the things that make you feel good.

Desk Space

A Soothing Ambiance

Most importantly, you need to create a soothing atmosphere in your woman cave. There are many ways to achieve this. You can put scented candles, a fireplace, a wine cellar, or maybe an exercise equipment. Again, this depends on your personality and the unique items that bring relaxation to you.

Another important aspect in creating a soothing ambiance is choosing the right colors for the walls, floors, and furniture. Silk linens are great and comforting as well as rich textures and bright colors for the walls. The style of door could dramatically change the space also as we’ve already gone over, looking into these different commercial garage doors could put a professional yet elegant touch to your cave.

Many women like doing craft projects at home. It’s not ideal to complete those tasks on the dining table or a study desk. If you can have your own desk space in your woman cave for all your personal projects, then you can work in peace and not think about all the housework that need to be done.

A lot of women also love to write, so a desk space is the perfect area for them to get inspired and maybe finish their best-selling novel.


One thing that is often overlooked when designing any space is the flooring. The flooring on your woman cave can make a lot of difference in its general ambiance. You need to be creative when designing your floor area and one of the best options these days is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring and epoxy floor coatings have a stunning appeal and best of all, they are extremely durable. It’s a great choice for a garage that you want to transform into a woman cave. It looks very classy and you have so many color and design options.

You can opt for a metallic epoxy flooring if you want a shiny and reflective floor on your woman cave. Because the floor is so beautiful, you wouldn’t need or want to cover it with a carpet. It also requires little maintenance so you would not spend on a lot of repairs or retiling work.

Finishing Touches

Finally, your woman cave just needs a few more finishing touches. You can designate a small area where you can put a nook with plenty of pillows. It’s a great way to relieve stress and escape from the world.

Add plenty of warm lighting especially if you plan to read a lot in your cave. Choose furniture that is made of natural fibers like cotton or silk.

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