5 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Favorite Room In Your Home

For a lot of women, there is nothing more relaxing than being able to sit in a hot tub after a long week of work, enjoying a book, watching T.V., or even treating yourself to a pedicure. Bathroom areas are not only personal, they can also be quite tranquil. For moms, the bathroom might be the only place in the house where they can get peace and quiet. A couple of months ago we looked into hot tubs denver to see if we could find a suitable one for the garden, but then I realised why not get one for the bathroom, the one room I can lock myself away and have my own time. I hope to get an outdoor one in a couple of months so my friends can jump in too and we can chill out together.

Single women have the advantage of being able to decorate and occupy their bathrooms without having to consider anyone else’s tastes or time constraints. Go here and check it out to see how a bathroom can easily become the best part of your home. A little decoration, an elegant and thoughtful design, and a lot of creativity go a long way when planning out the perfect bathroom space.

Here are the top five ways to turn your master bathroom into your favorite place to spend time in your entire house:

1. Make Room for Furniture

If you can’t imagine a world where you would spend more time in your bathroom than what is absolutely required, it is more than likely because there isn’t a lot of room in there. Bathrooms that are only equipped with the bare essentials can be boring and drab. So, start with having your bathroom remodeled so there is space for a little extra furniture. It can be something as simple as a storage bench by the window, or adding in a step stool that can double as a cozy seat.

2. Add a Lounge Area

While your bathroom might not ever be an area where you would want to entertain guests, it can still become a wonderful space for you to lounge by yourself. In order to increase the level of comfort in your bathroom, consider adding in an area where you can truly lounge. A nice comfortable chaise lounge can fit inside of a roomy bathroom quite well, while still leaving you plenty of areas where you can wash up and use the facilities. Add extra light to your bathroom lounge area with lamps or even natural light. Decorations such as plants and drapes also add to the mood and make master bathroom sitting areas feel quaint.

3. Install a Soaking Tub

What makes bathrooms more inviting than deep, elegant soaking tubs? Imagine being able to sit in a warm bathtub filled with scented water, bubbles, and soothing oils. Once you have a separate soaking tub in your master bathroom, you will be able to sit and relax in perfect silence for hours on end. Don’t forget that soaking in a bathroom allows you the opportunity to catch up on reading, enjoy your favorite television shows, or listen to favorite musical artists. Use different accessories around the soaking tub to keep everything you need on hand. A magazine holder situated by your soaking tub will make it convenient for you to keep all your reading materials dry. Have a stereo installed on the other side of the bathroom and make sure that it is activated by the sound of your voice. Because you will be in the bathroom, everyone else who may reside in your household will leave you be. On the other hand, you will also get to exit your extended relaxation session feeling clean and renewed.

4. Enhance the Shower Area

Whether you change the look of your bathroom by changing the tiles in the shower area, installing Anzzi Shower Panels, or getting an entirely new set of shower doors, consider how much these changes will impact your daily routine. Is there an area where you normally store your shampoo, conditioner, loofah, and soap? Do you need to adjust the shower head so that you can easily rinse your body off after washing your hair? Enhancing both the look and function of your shower area will help to make your life easier, and you will look forward to jumping in the shower and starting your day. Consider having additional water jets installed so that it feels like you’re getting a whole body massage when you get in the shower. Different faucets and bathroom hardware can turn hard water soft, making you feel cleaner and more refreshed.

5. Make It Your Own

Does the color of your bathroom make you feel depressed every time you step foot inside, but you don’t know what color you should paint the walls? Is it just outdated and drab? Do you have any sort of decorations in your bathroom at all? Do you keep looking at Marble Top Vanity & Basin Units Online? Although bathroom spaces are used for personal hygiene, they should also have a lot of personality. There are shower curtains that can make bathrooms more cheery, elegant, dramatic, or youthful. Include super soft bath mats so that every trip is luxurious and inviting. Change up the medicine cabinet so that it looks more modern and stately. Even doing something simple like getting a new bathroom sink will make you want to take stock of the area and admire your surroundings. If you are a homeowner and you want a master bathroom that speaks to you, you absolutely have to pay attention to the smallest details and make it your own.

Whether you own a condo that you have all to yourself or you are a mom who has an entire household of school age children who all share a bathroom on a regular basis, you can still make the bathroom area exceedingly comfortable. Find areas where you can keep all of your personal effects private. Make the bathroom the space where you able to get ready in the morning effortlessly. Install a vanity so that you can do your hair and makeup without feeling rushed or exhausted. If you enjoy baths, have an area where you can keep your bath salts, bubble baths, and bath pillows handy. Last but not least, remember that it is your time when you shut the bathroom door behind you and treat yourself to all of the peace and quiet you need to feel fully invigorated.

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