4 Ways To Get Your Love Life Back After Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, your whole world gets turned upside down. There are things you learn every day and when you feel your child in your stomach for the first time, you feel like you will melt and that you will cry your eyes out. The catch with pregnant women is that they go through so many hormonal changes and it is no wonder that they sometimes look totally different from the women you knew before. There are so many things that change in their lives—they gain weight and they change their mindset from easygoing to a protective one because they are about to be moms.

Every newborn mom knows that she has to stop being a relaxed hippie girl who doesn’t think about anything else except the ways to please herself. Now, she is responsible for the life that grows inside her and she has to be extra-careful for everything to be fine.

But the biggest problem comes when the baby actually arrives in her life because she doesn’t know what to do or how to act. There are so many things she has to learn and she will be confused. In those moments she really needs help and a lot of understanding from her partner because it takes two to tango. It is known that moms do the extra work when the baby is born but fathers should help as much as they can as well.

There are many couples who fight when they have a baby because they don’t have enough time for each other. Many of them don’t make it and they end up divorced. Many of those women try their best to save their marriages because they would love to keep their husbands but on the other hand, they can’t spend one minute without their baby. They try different methods to check if their husbands still love them. They try to be intimate with their partners and see how they will behave with them. I know one newborn mom who actually tested her husband by how he kissed her. She wanted to see what his kiss said about his feelings toward her. She desperately wanted a perfect life with the man in her life and with her child. She wanted to have her old love life back. So, in case you recognized yourself in these lines, I am telling you not to be so extreme.

There are useful ways to get your old life back and here is how:

1. Take time for yourself – No matter whether it is 1 hour or 5 minutes, it is extremely important to have some free time with your husband. That will show him that you care and that you didn’t forget him just because of the new family member in your home.

2. Talk openly – Tell your partner what bothers you and try to work on your problems. Always communicate openly because that is the key to a successful and long-term relationship. If you talk about everything, you won’t have problems and you will be able to enjoy your new life together.

3. Get a babysitter – I am not saying that you will leave your child immediately after giving birth but when you need some free time with your husband, you can leave the baby with your mom or mother-in-law. I am sure they will enjoy spending time with their grandchild and you will get some peace and you will be able to get the old spark back in your relationship.

4. Make plans – I know that planning and kids don’t go hand in hand but you can try to make some plans for the weekend for you and your partner while your child can be with your mom or even his mom. You can go shopping together or just take a walk through the park. In that way, you will still spend some time together and your baby will be safe.

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