What to Pack For a Day Out With the Family

If you’re planning a day trip with the kids, preparation is vital. Preparing for every eventuality is essential especially if you have tiny tots or young children. Long gone are those days of seeing where the day takes you, as you have different interests and tastes to think about now. Kids can sometimes have a short attention span so keeping everyone in good spirits and eager for adventure is key to having a stress-free time. Ok, so it probably won’t be particularly relaxed, but that’s not to say you won’t have fun. So if you’re heading out with your brood, take a look at some of the essential items to pack for a day out.

Suitable bags

There’s nothing worse than having to carry around your things for the day in a bulging bag that is uncomfortable to lug around. Choosing the right bag for your needs is essential for easy access to everything, and should be large enough to fit everything in. Bags with two shoulder straps usually are best, as they distribute weight evenly across your back and shoulders, preventing aches and pains. Also, remember to not go overboard with supplies as more often than not you can buy anything urgent wherever you are going.

Snacks and drinks

If you’re going on a day trip that has a few hours’ drive each way, taking snacks and drinks in the car is an excellent idea in case the kids get hungry. If you are also planning on taking a packed lunch or picnic with you, it’s a great idea to take a cooler box, so everything stays fresh and cold even on a hot day. You can find all cooler brands covered here, and there is a vast range of sizes and styles to fit perfectly in your trunk.

For rain or shine

Depending on where your heading to, it’s best to be prepared for all weathers. Even though it may be warm where you are traveling, they could be the odd rain shower so taking a lightweight jacket is a good idea. Waterproofs may also come in handy especially too. For days out that make the most of the summer sun, taking adequate sun protection is also important especially if you are out in it for prolonged periods.

Helpful items

For day trips that are off the beaten track, you may not have the comforts of the amenities that you’re used to, so making sure you have hand sanitizer and toilet paper to hand is essential in case there isn’t any in the facilities nearby. Other items to remember include a camera for snapping those family moments, and a good book just in case you have some free time to read a few pages. Don’t forget some sunglasses and a hat too especially on hot summer days.

Making sure you have everything you need for a fun packed day out helps to keep everyone stress-free and ready for some laughs and adventure.

Thanks to Ana Apostolska

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