Unhappy With Your Cosmetic Surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery? When It May Or May Not Be A Medical Negligence Case

Year on year, more and more people undergo cosmetic surgery than ever before. Where in the past cosmetic surgery was considered something that only celebrities or the very rich had access to, these days, it is much more affordable and is something that people from all walks of life choose to undergo, for all kinds of different reasons. The most common incentives for getting an elective cosmetic procedure done range from anti-aging through to correcting facial defects or improving confidence, though there are almost as many reasons why people go under the knife as there are different types of surgery you can have! If you are planning on having surgery then you should double check if it is possible to have a fast recovery from your surgery so it doesn’t affect yourself at work.

But what happens when someone has cosmetic surgery and doesn’t get the results that they went in for? Botched cosmetic surgery often hits the headlines when it is someone who is in the public eye, but it can be something that can be devastating for people who had a procedure done with the belief that a certain look would be achieved, and then suddenly all over again you’re looking for lip fillers near me.

In some cases, this can be something that would fall under the umbrella of medical negligence and is something you could make a medical negligence claim for. In other cases, it could be that the surgery did achieve what was promised within the parameters of what would be considered success, and it simply didn’t match your own hopes. This is why, getting advice from professionals is considered the best decision, in order to find out whether you have a claim or not. To find out how much your claim may be worth, look to websites such as the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk/ where you can fill out a quick claim form to request a call-back from one of their medical negligence solicitors.

However, before you look for online advice, here are some clear indicators that you could potentially have a valid case for medical negligence solicitors:

Surgery Was A Failure

If the surgery actually went wrong and this could have been prevented by the people involved following medical best practices, then this is the most common type of thing that leads to successful medical negligence claims UK. However, this can be subjective. In some cases, it is obvious that the surgery went wrong. However, in others, it may be that the patient feels that the surgery had poor results, but it wasn’t technically a mistake or accident.

Whether you are certain the surgery went wrong, or you are unsure, in this situation, the best thing to do is to try and find the best medical negligence solicitors by doing some online research and arranging a free consultation to discuss the case. If you live in the UK, This is the best place to find Solicitors in Liverpool so give them a call. Medical negligence lawyers will be familiar with lots of different types of cases and will have a good idea of your chances of making a successful claim.

Surgery Was Mis-Sold To You

Sometimes, a surgery can go right from a medical perspective, but not give you the results you were promised. When this is a case of you focusing on the best possible outcomes for a surgery where results can vary (for instance, liposuction), despite the practitioner being honest with you, this will not usually be considered a valid medical negligence case. However, if the surgery was mis-sold with promises of better results than you received – especially if these can be quantified (for instance, you were promised inch loss within certain parameters from your liposuction, and received far less as a result), this can be a situation where medical negligence can come into play and you may be eligible for compensation.

You will, however, need to be able to prove what you were sold and where this didn’t compare with what you got. This is another circumstance when it is best to get a consultation with a lawyer familiar with medical malpractice.

You Were Pressured Into Committing To Surgery

Most cosmetic surgery is done on an elective, private basis. Therefore, practitioners do need to ‘sell’ their services to some degree (this is not the case if you get cosmetic procedures through the NHS, for instance, reconstructive breast implants after a mastectomy, but the majority of cosmetic procedures are done privately). However, when the patient feels that they are pressured into a surgery due to ‘hard sell’ tactics, this can be a case for medical negligence lawyers – especially if the patient is unhappy with their results.

If, for instance, you are hard sold a surgery that doesn’t guarantee the results you initially enquired about or feel that you were pressured into committing to a surgery without having time to research alternatives or talk to other surgeons, this may be a time when it would be considered medical malpractice.

Of course, this is another case where it can be quite subjective, and so a medical negligence solicitor would be the only person who could really tell you if your own unique case is one where this kind of negligence can be proven.

As you can see, there are lots of things that can come under the umbrella of cosmetic surgery medical negligence, but not every unsuccessful (from the patient’s perspective) surgery is eligible for compensation. When in doubt, seek advice from a lawyer with experience in this field.

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