Top 5 In-Demand Career Options in Assistive Healthcare for Women

While physicians and surgeons get all the credit, healthcare as we know it would come to a stop if all the other professionals associated with the field were not there to manage everything else. In fact, the demand for them is so great in the US these days that completing the necessary certification in any of these five fields comes with almost a guaranteed assurance of employment.


After doctors, nurses are the most important personnel in a medical facility as far as direct medical care is concerned, so it’s only natural there’s a constant demand for nurses in various medical facilities around the country. All studies indicate that the future looks even brighter for nurses because not only will the employment opportunities in the field grow remarkably, but a lot of senior nurses are going to retire in the next five years, creating even more job vacancies for upcoming nurses.

Medical Assistant

If it wasn’t for medical assistants, modern healthcare facilities wouldn’t be able to function in the same way that they do today. Unlike some of the other career options in assistive healthcare on this list, there are plenty of working male medical assistants as well, making the sector suited for men and women alike. Depending on the nature of the job, their duties range from administrative to clinical and often include multiple facets of both. It isn’t a secret that the future potential for growth in the job opportunities here is tremendous, so anyone who joins a medical assistant school now will inevitably pass out into a world with even more career options for medical assistants than there are today. In case you are looking for a Las Vegas medical assistant school, do check out for more details.

Health Information Technician

Document management in a modern healthcare facility would be impossible without the health information technician there to code, decode, organize, update and maintain the data which keeps changing on a continuous basis. In addition to maintaining the medical history, health information technicians also are responsible for categorizing patient information for insurance purposes.

Physical Therapist

The main advantage that physical therapists have over some of the other assistive jobs is that they can start their own practice and hold a job in a hospital/healthcare facility at the same time. As they can help patients directly and sometimes, in ways that even doctors can’t, it’s one of the most sought-after jobs in the assistive medical field. Pain management, recovery from strokes, injuries and improved balance integration are just some of the many ways in which physical therapists can help patients.

EMT and Paramedic

If you always wanted to save lives and you are comfortable working in stressful, emergency situations, becoming a paramedic can be the right career choice for you. You would probably be working in an ambulance or in the emergency ward of a hospital, but you could also end up in a helicopter if you are lucky!

It’s true that the pay isn’t the same for all the jobs mentioned here, but they all have that one factor in common; employment opportunities are exceptional in each of these five fields. Your final choice should depend on what you really want to do and your abilities, but it is very unlikely that you will have to look for jobs too hard even after getting the necessary certifications in any of these five assistive medical sectors.

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