INSPIRED TO ACTION Conference – March 8 – Toronto

Inspired to Action for YOU

How to find the magical thinking necessary to start your small biz planning, how to find your target market, how to test-drive your idea in that market, and what steps to take next!

You shouldn’t live always wanting more.
That’s where we came in & created Inspired to Action for YOU

Thu, 8 March 2018

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST

JOEY Eaton Centre

1 Dundas St W

Toronto, Ontario M5G 1Z3

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You’re done with the 9-5, right?

The “I need this NOW” feeling. The “WHY am I here” feeling. You know; that feeling like you could be doing more things, cooler things … more things with impact.

Truth: It’s not just about the workplace, or the people. (Okay, sometimes it’s the people.)

It’s about you. And we want to help you.

Aren’t you overwhelmed?

Aren’t you a little bit tired?

Haven’t you wanted to get up and walk out, and immediately start doing that thing that makes you smile even when you just think about it?

You’re not where you should be and you know this oh-so-deep down in your gut.

The mastermind option will take place 4 weeks after the main event at a date TBD based on availaiblity. It will involve bouncing your great ideas off business mentor Bob Minhas & putting your question to other determined, ambitious women. Some of the biggest names in business right now mastermind their ideas before putting together action plans, and we’re giving you the opportunity to do the same, right from the get-go!

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