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Five tips to improve your writing skills

What is your take for writing? Do you find it coming naturally or you get strained? If you are employed working in an office or run your own business, you are going to spend a good percentage of your working time just ‘writing.’ If you don’t enjoy spending much of your time on the reading desk to write, you can consider hiring writing professionals and let them do the heavy job for you as you save your time for other productive things. You can consult Essay Hero for the best custom writing services.

1. Establish a clear plan

It is very common to find people writing without a clear plan. This will obviously lead to disjointed pieces of writing that can give readers a hard time trying to connect the pieces together. It is very crucial to put down a clear plan with a well-known structure in order to communicate effectively to your readers. It does not matter whether you are writing a 50 page report or just a single page official letter. You can use diagrams to visually organize your information out. It is important to ask yourself why you are spending your time to write even before you sit down to scribble a thing on your writing paper.

What kind of impact do you want your writers to experience as they read your piece? Are your intentions to motivate your readers to start over again after going through a crushing defeat? Or maybe you are writing to make someone’s morning brighter. If you want your piece of writing to ring clearly in the minds of your readers, then you must write on a clear intention. Pinpoint it and commit yourself to bringing your points vividly. As much as you may have great points to write on for your spontaneous writing, it matters a lot to sit and have your thoughts well organized beforehand. It will help a lot if you carry your notebook with you at all times. Make sure you write something every day, write about anything. Write about the day’s weather or what you are going to have for dinner. By making a habit of journaling, you will find your mind getting sharper in organizing thoughts to write upon.

2. Read other people’s writings for newer tips

For you to develop your writing skills, you will have to study writing materials from other good writers with the intention of learning newer tricks to take your writing to the next level. You have heard of the saying ‘no man is an island,’ it is very unlikely that you are going to be a perfect writer without having to observe others who seem to be doing better. You should not stop reading, always scan through to see what famous writers like, in fact great writers confess that they discover newer things as they read other people’s materials. Reading other people’s books will subconsciously aid to mould your style of writing to the better. You will find yourself developing and building your writing style when you stick to a culture of reading famous writers’ writings.

As a student, you can read a wide range of essays written by your peers and other academics. You can read as widely as possible, you should not restrict yourself to only the subjects that you study, you will find different types of arguments and styles that you can apply to your own writing as you read different disciplines. Most likely, the wider you read will mean more possible writing techniques there will be for you which you can use in your own writing style.

3. Measure up to good grammar

Writing has never been complete without the art of proofreading. You may find some folks having a soft spot for good grammar, but none of us can claim to be completely perfect. As a writer, you will have to constantly update yourself with correct grammar using a variety of grammar resources. Such resources will not only ensure that you write correctly, but you will also learn newer words and idioms that will improve your writing style. It is a great relief to the writers that modern word processors are manufactured with a high level of adaptability when it comes to spellchecking. You can play about with the setting of your word processor to make your work much easier. There are those typos that you use most often, you can set your processor to auto-correct them. Such words that you overuse should be highlighted as incorrect.

With the world languages evolving every other day, you don’t need to keep sticking to the standard configuration of the dictionary. Shorter sentences are always easy to read and understand, so you should keep them short. To avoid creating complexity and confusion on the part of your readers, you should make sure each of your sentences keep a simple thought. The point is for you to be as persuasive as possible as you convey your message to your writers. Using shorter paragraphs will work better to achieve this; you realize that the human brain takes in information better when it is broken down into smaller pieces. Each of your academic writing paragraphs should develop a single idea made up of many sentences.

4. Time yourself

You will find out that a majority of people get uneasy and stuck when they spend a long time fussing over a piece of writing. The first draft you can write is usually the very best when you are relaxed and happy with a clear reason of writing. Even if you are not the type who likes procrastinating, you can best perfect your writing by setting for yourself a regular and rigid writing schedule. You can most likely find the best results when you schedule your writing time in the morning. To avoid anxiety, you can then break your writing into smaller chunks. You will find yourself more motivated to handle long chain of writing sessions when you keep yourself to a schedule. You should as well avoid writing during unscheduled times.

5. Get to master your common mistakes and try to avoid them

It can be sometimes very difficult to come out of bad habits that you get into as a writer. Everyone has their own grammar mistakes that keep haunting even their best writing. It may take you years of practice to refine your skill of staying at the top of your grammar. You need to know those mistakes that you make most of the time and commit yourself to fixing them one by one.

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