Choosing the Right Prenatal Vitamin

So you have just discovered your pregnant. A lot is running through your mind and probably especially how you will care for your growing fetus and your body in the coming months. Throughout breastfeeding and the entirety of your pregnancy taking a prenatal vitamin should be at the top of your concerns. Alongside eating healthy; a prenatal vitamin can make a huge impact on how you feel and your overall energy levels and health.

Choosing the right one for your body can be tough; with all of the variety, brands, and places to get prenatal vitamins you may find yourself in question of which one to purchase.

Generic or Plant Based what’s the Biggest Difference

Vitamins of all kinds are made in different ways. This plays a big role in how easily your body absorbs them and how you will feel after you take the vitamin. Throughout pregnancy your body is extra sensitive to how it feels and if your experiencing morning sickness this means even more to you.

Sometimes taking a generic version of iron which can be found in low quality prenatal vitamins can cause a woman to experience mild hot flashes and other discomforts. Of course each females body will be slightly different to the next. You will need to listen to your own body to be sure you feel the best when taking a prenatal.

Plant Based: Vegans and vegetarians may prefer a plant based vitamin; meaning that the sources of the vitamins are all derived from plant sources instead of the possibility of animal products.

This is especially true for DHA which is usually derived from fish though in a vegan version it is derived from chia seeds and flax seed oil.

Artificial Vitamins/Synthetic Nutrients: Some vitamins are made in a lab with the use of chemicals — thereafter they are given chemical based names like ascorbic acid for a lab made vitamin C.

Our bodies are most likely to absorb vitamins the best if they are derived from plants.

Price Range and What’s Affordable

If you are looking to buy a plant based organic vitamin there are brands like; New Chapter and Garden of Life — the price range for these beauties are between $19.00 – $60.00 depending on dosage.

If you are looking to buy a prenatal vitamin that is synthetic it will cost between $10.00 – $30.00.

Quality over Quantity

Quality is always preferred over quantity. If you find yourself in a bind and want to get the most out of your vitamins there won’t really be a good way to get around finding a good quality vitamin for a lower cost. You will want to save your funds until you have enough to pay for the ones that you would like to get.

The quality of your prenatal means the most in the long run. Even if you have to go a few more weeks without taking one; in that time you can focus on eating nutrient rich foods. Your baby and your body will thank you in the long run for choosing a higher quality prenatal.

How long Should I take a Prenatal Vitamin

Prenatal vitamins are meant to be taken throughout the entire 9 months of pregnancy and well after into breastfeeding. Though many women will take them just in pregnancy; the benefits of taking them while breastfeeding are tremendous.

Throughout pregnancy it is recommended that woman take a min of 400 milligrams of folic acid for optimal fetus growth.

The Purpose and Benefits of a Prenatal

Studies found that higher amounts of folic acid and iron are beneficial to pregnant woman; especially in the first 30 days of pregnancy. These vitamins have been found to reduce the risk of defects in the neural tube.

Most prenatal vitamins reflect what studies have been found to enhance optimal growth in the fetus according to the American Diabetes Association. Prenatal vitamins also reflect the dosage of other vitamins that aren’t recommended in high doses during pregnancy like Vit A.

On a side note, if a woman sets a ‘health orientated’ routine during pregnancy like taking her daily vitamins she is focused more so on nourishing her body and baby up until delivery.

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