The Best In People And Understanding Human Differences

Everyone you meet has struggled at some point with something in their life. Some have struggled with a crisis of faith or with an issue regarding self-identification and definition. These people have sought help and comfort from somewhere or someone, and it’s your duty to be respectful of that and kind to those you meet. Try not to form damming opinions of people upon first meeting them, ask questions about their lives and come from a place of understanding rather than of judgement. Don’t make assumptions about their choices and reasoning, instead, remind yourself that we’re all different and we all have a different way of seeing and interpreting the world around us.

Key To Understanding

There is so much to be said and debated on the topic of gender, sexuality and identity, so it’s important you get a firm grasp on what you believe is right and what the bible says on the matter also. Ask those affected by the differences of each of these three topics and accept how everyone’s experience in life differs. The key to understanding is education and reading, so if there’s an issue you’re not clear on, make steps to purposefully straighten these out in your own head and come to an educated conclusion.

Educate Yourself

Clue yourself up on subjects about gender, sexuality and identity. By doing so you’re enriching your knowledge and subject range on issues that may not necessarily affect you but affect millions of others. Always be accepting of those who differ from you, in a sense that there are elements of someone’s sexuality, gender and identity that cannot be changed. Support and understand those different from you by reading on the subject.

It’s likely you’ll discover that gender identity is an individual’s sense of self as a member of a particular gender and how someone identifies is not always in correspondence to the sex assigned them at birth. Characteristics of gender can vary significantly across different cultures, and the best chance you have of understanding how these individuals differ from the most of society is to educate yourself as much as you can. You can find plenty of reading material on such matters online and in recent publications of books on gender, sexuality and identity.

Be Thankful

Try to acknowledge all the good things you have in your life and recognize that not everyone is always so lucky, be thankful for your health, your family and your belongings. While there are news reports of war and atrocity, there’s documentation of the good in the world and stories of miracles. Be thankful for the love that still emanates between the human race, the story of the miracle baby helps to reminds you that, with love, so much can be achieved and that with faith in God, you can stay happy and healthy and safe in the knowledge you’re not alone.

There is a family out there who seek to heal and nurture, and with love and nurture you can support others and spread a similar inclusive warmth for all of God’s creatures. Staying up to date with the news is the best way to know what’s going on in the world and to be aware of where your time is best spent. Pay attention to the state of world politics; there are daily crises in countries far from your own, crises that, with your time and money, can be alleviated. Send aid as often as you can afford and tell those close to you that there are things they can do also. Raising, and sending money to worn torn countries is key to helping those less fortunate than yourself.

Appreciate What You Have

Take time in the day to be thankful and see what you have been blessed with. Life is full of trials and tribulations, and we should give ourselves credit for achieving what we have so far in our lives. It’s easy to be affected by all the hurt and wrongdoing currently unfolding on the earth, so it’s vital that you can restore some faith in your world by counting your blessings and seeing the beauty that surrounds us in the most unlikely of places. To clear your head get out in nature and remind yourself how luscious and green the outside world is.

Being outside is peaceful and helps to ground you. You can’t be impervious to hate and insult but try and get a well-rounded opinion on things you stand by and uphold your values. It can be challenging to stay on top of life’s many demands so allowing yourself quiet time alone is crucial.

Keep Your Faith

Be kind and inclusive to everyone you meet, it is God’s will to nurture your fellow human beings, regardless of their creed or color, so help out wherever you can, and in whatever manner you can. You can volunteer at your local food bank for example or help neighbors keep their yard tidy. Lend a helping hand when you have the time to spare, both you and the ones you help will benefit, and it’s a great feeling to get out there and spread the goodwill and make friends along the way. By helping out in your neighborhood, you’re strengthening bonds, maintaining healthy relationships with those around you and restoring people’s faith in kindness.

Make Time For Family And Friends

Keep yourself surrounded by those you love, and those who love you in return, as doing this keeps you feeling positive and keeps your spirits high, too. Having relevant topics to discuss with friends and family can ensure that you’re constantly learning and interpreting different views and opinions. Build on the way you think and encourage healthy debate to talk about relevant issues and matters on people’s mind. If you are experiencing problems grasping the complexities of life and its questions then the most helpful practice you can involve yourself in is further education, and the desire to go out and ask how others think and feel. Empathy and the will to learn will feed your understanding of human differences so do endeavor to learn as much as you can.

Thanks to Wendy Manning

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