How to Get What You Want

Modern society can offer so much to those who seek it. As consumers and producers not only grow in numbers but continue to conflate, it is easier than ever to reach out and grab what you want. Or so it would appear. While phenomenon such the celebrity YouTube star and the self-made millionaire make it seem as if simply wishing for your dreams to come true is all it takes, the solid achievement still requires effort, determination, and the generating of your own luck. Here are some useful tips on how to alter the world around you to get what you want.

One: Be Confident

A good basis for almost any endeavor is to build your confidence. Children’s movies make it sound as if being true to yourself is all you need to be happy, and to an extent this is correct. Occasionally people can misconstrue this advice as never changing, even if it is for the better. Individuality is always intriguing and usually rewarded, so being confident in your own personality and idiosyncrasies is a great quality to have. However, if you are resolutely determined to stay unchanged your entire life, it is unlikely much good will come of it. True confidence means having confidence in yourself at your core so that superficial elements of your personality can adapt or grow as your experiences shape them. By maintaining a solid base of reasoning and method of thinking, you can better understand alternative viewpoints without batting them off unconsidered.

It is a great tool to have when interacting with other people whose ideas and morals may not match your own. Confidence also means having the ability to request what you need at the right time from the right people. It can feel uncomfortable at first, especially if you aren’t used to communicating with strangers. If this feels like it might hold you back on your path to success, perhaps attend a Public Speaking School to help nurture your confidence in front of others. Whether you like it or not, communicating with the right people is the best way to start achieving your ambitions, so building your confidence will greatly help your chances of making a good impression when it counts.

Two: Focus on Your Goals and Generate Luck

You’ll hear it everywhere – focus is the key to success. When you focus on something important to you, you’ll feel your entire mind start to ignore petty distractions and train itself directly onto the most pressing task. If you want to reach your goals, pouring all your energy into the project will make a huge difference. Of course, steadily contributing to an ambition over the course of years is sometimes the only way forward, especially if your goal is to do with education or careers. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t make an effort every day that will somehow assist you in the long run. Even five minutes a day of focusing on your goal can be enough to achieve it. Sometimes your attempts will be unsuccessful, but the most important thing is to keep going.

You will never achieve your goal if you give up, so push on no matter what. You’ll see much better progress if you avoid feeling defeated after every minor setback. Concentrating on the steps you’ve taken helps to smooth out the bumpy negatives and keeps your mind clear and open to future possibilities. This is part of generating your own luck. Fortunate people, whether they believe in luck or not, are usually those who are better able to see the upside in their circumstances and rarely let the negatives take over. With strong focus, you can keep yourself from the distraction of minor failures and stay attuned to opportunities that might have gone unnoticed had you been wallowing in defeat. If you focus on your goals, luck will gravitate towards you.

Three: Keep Track of Your Progress

Noticing when good luck comes your way can be difficult when you are so busy focusing on your ambitions. That’s why monitoring your progress is incredibly useful. You will be able to spot flaws in your plans and amend them before they accumulate over time. You will also be able to see what is working well and how to keep doing it. When you take note of your progress, you’ll see the trajectory your plans are taking, and that makes it easier to change should you need to. It also serves as a great boost in confidence to watch each step of your plan bring you closer to the desired result. Have something concrete to aim for so that when you reach it, you will notice. Sometimes it is easy to become swept up in the process, and you might forget to pause and look around. This leads to cycles of dissatisfaction as you will never know when you’ve succeeded so you’ll just keep going without reward.

Four: Be Realistic

This step can be the hardest for some people as it puts a dampener on something they aspire to with all their heart. Having realistic expectations sets you up for less pain in the future – don’t make yourself feel worse by striving for something impossible and never seeing progress. Instead, tweak your goals so that you can conceivably see results and rewards for all your hard work. Constantly putting your energy into something fruitless can be extremely demoralizing and tiring, so constructing your ambitions to be achieved will ultimately leave you feeling more fulfilled and satisfied with the results. Realistic expectations also allow you the freedom to challenge what exactly makes the alternative unrealistic, giving you a chance at achieving more than you initially hoped.

No matter what your ambitions might be, there are four clear routes to success. Build confidence in yourself by outlining your core beliefs and learning to adapt without compromising these in communications with prospective connections. Generate your own luck by staying focused and keeping an eye out for opportunities while tracking your progress. You’ll be achieving your goals in no time.

Thanks to Wendy Manning

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