Four Reasons We Should Celebrate Women’s Fashion!

Women’s fashion often gets a pretty bad rap, whether it’s complaints about the fact women’s pants tend to have smaller pockets you can’t actually keep anything in compared to the deep, practical ones the guys get, or that we feel we are expected to endure foot torture in a pair of cramped heels whenever we want to dress up.

However, while it is easy to focus on the negatives, there are actually many ways in which women’s fashion is a better than mainstream men’s fashion in terms of choice, flexibility, and practicality, and it is something that has more reasons to be enjoyed and celebrated than many people give it credit for! Here are just four of them:

Summer Dress Codes

Whether it is the dress code at the office or the dress code at a formal summer event like a wedding, anything that requires anything above casual dress will mean, for men, sweating it out in, at the very least, pants, if not a full suit. For women, things are a lot easier, and many men envy the fact that women can spend their working days in the summer in smart dresses with short sleeves and bare legs, or wear something light and floaty to that black-tie summer party.

In fact, in countries like the UK where teens have to wear school uniform, there have even been protests by boys who were not allowed to wear shorts to school in the heat while the girls could wear skirts. The boys protested by borrowing skirts from female classmates and wearing these to school!

More Ways To Flatter Your Shape

In mainstream men’s fashion, there are a few ways men can choose clothes that make them feel more confident by altering how their bodies look, such as slimming double-breasted jackets, or even Spanx style t-shirts for men. For women, however, there are hundreds. If you would like to appear taller (as many men would), you can do this with your shoes. The right bra can lift and enlarge or minimize your bust. There is underwear designed to slim down any parts you aren’t confident about, and cuts of clothing that can add curves where you don’t really have them.

While some might argue that this only exists because men want us to look a certain way, this really isn’t true – many women simply feel happier and more confident when they get a little help to look how they want to from their clothes, and we have far more options when it comes to this than guys do.

Options For Non-Standard Sizes Getting Better Every Day

There was a time when it could be very restrictive as a woman if you weren’t within the size range stocked as standard by most stores. Now, however, an ever-increasing number of brands and retailers design and sell clothes for just about all sizes, from 00 through to plus sizes. Additionally, brands have woken up to the fact that dress size and height aren’t really related, and have introduced wider ranges for petite and tall women. Lingerie brands, too, are getting better and better at catering to people who require sizes outside of the small ‘standard’ window for bra sizes. While it may not be perfect yet, women of all sizes have a good deal of choice and can often shop at brands that didn’t cater to their size as little as five years ago.

Men, on the other hand, who vary in size as much as women do, have had less progress in terms of major designers expanding their ranges to be more inclusive of different sizes and heights.

Better Bag Options

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Joey had a ‘man bag’? While it is a lot more common in mainstream men’s fashion for men to carry bags everywhere than it was in the ’90s when that episode was made, due to the need to carry around laptops and tablets, women still have the edge when it comes to where they keep all their stuff when they go out. No wonder men have such big pockets on their pants – they have to keep their keys, phone, wallet and all the other paraphernalia they need in them when they go anywhere where a laptop bag or backpack would look out of place!

As you can see, there are quite a lot of ways women’s fashion actually makes life just that little bit easier for us, and definitely deserves a little bit of love!

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