How to Plan the Perfect High School Reunion

A high school reunion is a great way to catch up with long lost friends, reminisce about the good old times and just have a good time. However, it can be easy to ruin a high school reunion if you miss a few points. Organizing a great high school reunion isn’t that complicated, but there are some mistakes that anyone organizing one should avoid at all costs. Here are a few tips for the perfect high school reunion.

1. Have a Clear Plan in Place

The better the plan, the lesser the chance that you’ll miss something essential. One thing you have to understand is that you’ll often have to go the extra mile to attract old students to a reunion. While some will show up no matter what, you’ll have to do a little bit more to attract some. The more professional you look, the more attendees you’ll attract.

The first thing you have to do is start locating old students. You can use social media like LinkedIn or Facebook to start a list. If any people are missing, try to ask some of their old friends for their information. Create a Facebook group for your particular graduating task and use it to advertise the event.

2. Look for a Date and Location

Once you’ve gathered a list of classmates, it’s time to find a date and location. You’ll have to consider your guests’ schedules when choosing the date. You’ll have to choose a date that will work with most of their schedules. You can use an online survey application like Google Forms, Doodle or Survey Monkey to ask which date would work best. October and September are particularly popular for reunions because of the Football season and homecoming. Thanksgiving and the Holidays are also a great choice since everybody is already home around these periods. When choosing a venue for your high school reunion, make sure that you consider more than just size. You have to consider the vibe you’re aiming for as well. Don’t skimp on the location, more people are likely to show up if you hold the reunion in an actual reception hall than in a church basement.

Also check if the location has all the amenities you need, some will have cooking equipment and a bar with everything you need. If the place you decide to go for doesn’t have a complete bar, then you might have to invest in things like the syringes described on Content Injection if you intend to have jello shots, a mixer and other piece of equipment needed to operate the bar.

3. Start Selling Tickets

When everything is all set and done, you can start selling tickets. Make sure that the price is affordable and covers all expenses. You can use your Facebook page to notify your group. To entice people, you can add some early bird prices to encourage more of your classmates to buy tickets early. This will help you relieve a lot of stress associated with sales and allow you to focus on planning the event instead.

High school reunions can be great events when done well, so make sure that you follow the tips in this article if you want everybody to have a memorable experience.

Thanks to Ana Borlescu

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