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As women, it is not as easy to “have it all” as has been suggested over the years. Indeed, there is a recently risen backlash against such thinking, claiming that no woman ever really has her cake and eats it too. The wealthier among our gender facilitating this proclaimed lifestyle through the employment of nannies (their apparently carefree lives, with that glossy sheen, the product of hired help), and the more average showing signs of the wear and tear of the stress of even trying to attempt to pull it off (who wants to operate on three hours sleep a night and look 60 at 40?). In short, decisions must be made (just as our parents warned us long ago). To this end, although times have certainly changed, and though it pains one right in the fervently beating feminist heart to even suggest it, it seems women essentially still have to decide: breadwinner or homemaker?

Blurred Lines and Breaking Boundaries

Yet, why should it come down to a two-sided coin toss of choice? Indeed, many women – although accepting of the drain of trying to “have it all” and perhaps limping towards this seeming obligatory decision – are instead evolving their thought processes and becoming savvier. Who ever said that money-making was only possible through a full-time career with no children involved? Conversely, did someone ever formally decree that stay-at-home mothers mustn’t earn cash? If full-time career women are now being permitted the right to telecommute and spend some of the week working from their home offices, why then shouldn’t a mother have the same ability (why should one say privilege?) to do the same when the children are in daycare or at school?

Skillsets and Scheduling

The key, as it seems is the case with most of life, is to find your niche. Administrative roles are one of the easiest to find online, virtual assistants and remote data entry positions having been “a thing” for quite some time now. However, you don’t have to be formally employed in a part- or full-time capacity to earn money via a computer to an external office. Direct online earning can be done, too. From survey taking, to Big Tease Bingo bingo sites to a myriad of writing roles, if you have a PC or laptop and a dependable internet connection at home, then you, dear woman, can make money in and of yourself.

The important consideration is time. As a woman, you might be a natural multitasker, but with this WiFi and broadband-given ability to play at “having it all”, to circumvent the very situations described at the start of this post, comes the equal responsibility of knowing your limits. As thrilling as making money online is – in the hours between the breakfast and packed lunch-making of a morning and school gate pick-ups and supper time preparation of an evening – you don’t want to get to the point where you’re awake at 1am finishing running through your new company’s taxes as a freelance accountant. Remember moderation, ladies.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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