Tips for Arriving at Your Next Meeting Composed and On Time

If you struggle with meetings and workplace stress you’re not alone. But it could be more than just a challenging workload and be an indicator of something more serious. Workplace anxiety is a very real phenomenon, according to Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), with 56 percent reporting it affects their workplace performance and 43 percent saying they avoid participating in meetings.

You can help reduce your anxiety by getting more rest and feeling more prepared before stepping into the meeting room. And even if you don’t suffer from workplace anxiety, you can still reduce your daily feelings of being frazzled and overwhelmed. Give yourself plenty of time to meet deadlines and come fully prepared, composed and on time for your next meeting. Here are five tips to master your next meeting.

Leverage In-flight Wi-Fi

Don’t let precious hours slip past on a flight when you could be prepping for your meeting. Ask your airline about their Wi-Fi plans so you can hop on your laptop and look through spreadsheets and proposals.

Your smartphone may already come equipped with the resources you need to prepare for your meeting without the need for another device. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note5 is ideal for adding notations with your stylus pen. And while you’re online, you can book a car service to meet you at the airport to skip the taxi lines to get to your next meeting on time.

Hit the Airport Lounge

An airport lounge is a perfect place to steal away an hour or two to refresh and prepare for your meeting. Some airports even include showers and beds for a quick nap for international travelers. And just because your plane is landing and headed to a meeting doesn’t mean you can’t stop by the airport lounge on your way out. Take a moment to hydrate, go over your notes and splash some water on your face.

Do Deeper Prep Work

Who you’re meeting with is just as important as what you’re meeting about. Instead of only doing research on the topic you’re meeting about, take the time to research who you’re meeting with. Look at Linkedin and see who they’ve worked with, what types of projects they’ve done and what their passions are. Knowing that the people you’re meeting are startup investors in new technology could help angle how you approach your meeting on a new gadget your company is rolling out into the market.

Arrive Early and Start a Conversation

Showing up just a few minutes early isn’t enough time to feel ready for a meeting. Instead, show up ten to fifteen minutes early, grab a cup of coffee, make small talk and enter the meeting room early. Strike up a conversation with someone you’re meeting with whether about the topic at hand or something else going around the office. You’ll create a connection with that person, feel more relaxed and be ready to dive into the meeting fully alert and prepared.

Visualize Your Success

Simply visualizing your success can help give you a boost in the right direction. According to a survey by TD Bank, small business owners who use visualizations have reported compelling results. For example, 92 percent of small business owners who used a vision board from the start accomplished over half the goals on the list.

You can use the same concept by creating a digital vision board of the outcome of your meeting, or simply meditate on what you will say and do at the meeting and the success you want. Rehearsing your meeting and getting control over your mind can make you feel more confident and ready to conquer the meeting room.

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