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Let’s jump right into a straight, hard fact: our taste buds are our best friends. Everything we consume has a certain flavor, and we base our preferences, our diets, and even our lifestyle choices on how specific tastes make us feel in our day-to-day lives.

We are always striving for what tingles our taste buds the best, what makes us feel good to keep the day rolling along smoothly.

In the vaping world, the most solid rock of foundation is your e-liquid flavor. Period.

The mod, tank, coils, cotton, wattage, and everything in between are all simply tools and preferences you mess around with in order to achieve the most optimum flavor possible from your e-liquid: there are around 8,000 known e-liquid flavors available on the market today.

Say you have a fix for coffee or cheesecake, or tobacco…we all have our vices and love to indulge, no doubt. The problem with these desires is that you simply cannot indulge in these familiar, comfortable flavors all day every day. Consequences would ensue, especially regarding your health.

That’s where the magic of vaping comes in. You can keep your cravings at bay by vaping whatever flavor you desire all day, without worrying about whether your stomach or lungs can handle it. Here are some great ways to substitute your guilty pleasures in a healthier, cloudier way.

The Sweet Tooth

Face it: the sweet tooth is alive and real. If you’re the type to skip the appetizer to save room for a decadent dessert, this is for you. You can sit around and eat a tub of ice cream all to yourself or an entire tres leches cake (especially after a breakup), and the only thing really paying the price is your stomach.

Yeah, this feeling is instantly satisfying to your taste buds, but it won’t be a couple hours down the road. Eating your feelings can definitely happen, and it’s not the safest route to take. Bust out a bottle of On Cloud Custard, drip it graciously in your tank, and let the clouds rip! All day long, no stomach ache, no hard feelings. The sweet, delicate taste will be there, don’t you worry.

The Coffee Fanatic

That robust, bold coffee flavor gets you going in the morning. Every single morning. You douse your roast up with loads of sugar and cream, which can be a substantial hit to your daily sugar intake.

Although it is a great pick-me-up to get your day going, your blood sugar levels pay the ultimate price, and on top of that, you feel that caffeine crash around mid-day. In that case, you grab ANOTHER cup of joe to keep your wired streak alive. Yes, caffeine has its benefits, but it’s also a substance you shouldn’t be completely dependent on.

Fortunately, there are so many options to fill this coffee void in the form of e-liquid! You might consider checking out Cup O’ Joe by OFE! It’ll give you that flavor blast you need to kick off your morning delight, minus the dependency of caffeine and extra sugar. This will benefit your health while keeping that coffee flavor lingering on your taste buds! It’s also good to mention, this will not stain your teeth over time.

The Chain Smoker

All humans nowadays, including tobacco companies themselves, know that smoking is a terrible habit for you. It leads to deadly diseases for your lungs, mouth, and throat, which is obviously a path you do NOT want to go down. Ever.

Fortunately, many smokers have intelligently made the transition over to vaping to fight their addiction in a healthier way. Because tobacco contains so much nicotine, tobacco flavored e-liquids graciously help you compensate for that by offering high-nicotine strengths so you don’t have to tread back to the stinkies.

E-liquids containing tobacco flavors tend to also add other sweeter flavors to keep your taste buds feeling excited, like the classic RY4 which features tobacco mixed with vanilla and caramel. Those extra sweet flavors are just an added benefit to help you switch over to the #vapelife. From there, the flavor possibilities are endless as you continue your journey of exploring e-liquid.

Hey, Bartender

Order a nice beverage from the local bar is fun and all until you’ve had one too many and start spiraling downward into an alcohol-infused conundrum.

The glorious feeling of self-confidence and superb judgment comes to a crashing halt eventually, initiating a painful headache and grogginess. We’ve all been there, and sports drinks don’t seem to help your case very much at this point.

Instead of blowing $80 plus in one session at the pub, simply pick up your fully-charged mod and drip some Pina Colada for the same flavorful effect on your taste buds, minus all the consequences. No more slurring words, hangovers, stumbling, or even the dreaded DUI. Problem solved.

Throughout your life, you go through certain binges, vices, habits that you become dependent on to keep you going. Most all of these have dire side effects and consequences that are easily avoidable through the majesty of vaping.

The only ingredients involved with e-liquids are Propylene Glycol (an additive in foods, like ice cream and sweeteners, deemed safe by the FDA), Vegetable Glycerin (found in palm and coconut oils), Flavor Concentrates (found in almost all of your candies and sweet goods at your local grocery store), and Nicotine (this is optional).

No alcohol, caffeine, calories, fatty acids, etc. are added to any of these e-liquids, and they are concocted this way on purpose to prevent unhealthy habits from continuing. It looks like it’s your turn to switch over to vaping and experience a more fit and healthier lifestyle!

Thanks to Heidi Brown

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