The Rise of Women Drivers

It has been noted that many women are choosing to learn how to drive over relationships. Jean-Baptiste Limare, Head of Car Access at, said “young drivers are so determined to stay on the road they are willing to sacrifice fashion, fun and festivals in order to keep up with the costs. In fact, it’s even ‘road over romance’ for more than half of young female drivers”. Admiral also revealed to The Telegraph that, on average, women were better drivers.

So why is it that, stereotypically, driving seems to be so dominated by men? If an increasing number of women are prioritizing driving above all else and have been shown to excel at it, surely now is the time for female drivers to be accelerated to the forefront of the world of cars. Below are tips for any female driver who wishes to unashamedly embrace the huge part that owning a car plays in their life.

Deck out your garage

If being a car owner is important to you, it makes sense that you would want your garage to be suitable for the housing of your vehicle. Instead of settling for unsealed concrete or painted surfaces, invest in state of the art epoxy garage floors. This is a coating system that looks and lasts like granite, and is incredibly durable because it resists staining and is easy to clean. The service comes with a “Life Time Satisfaction Warranty” that is guaranteed against hot tire pick-up. Investing in your garage is a great way to demonstrate the amount that you value your vehicle, and this range of granite flooring will also help to add value to your property.


A spotless car is a sure sign of a loving owner. Schedule in specific dates when you will get your car washed and also set aside days when you will clear out and hoover the inside of the vehicle. Although this is quite an obvious one, it definitely helps to have a firm idea of when your car will next be cleaned, rather than waiting to be reminded by a deterioration in its appearance. This attitude will not only send a clear message that you are crazy about cars, but it will also help to protect the value of your vehicle.

Regular maintenance helps to protect cars from general wear and tear, and is, therefore, an essential factor in increasing the resale value. You can store gas safely by using a gas can. If you need more info you
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Attend Motoring Events

Even if you don’t drive a particularly rare make of car, motoring events are an interesting way to meet like-minded enthusiasts. With the majority of attendees being male, this is the perfect way for female drivers to assert their position. In 2017, a variety of motoring events will be held across the globe. London, Germany, Monaco and many more countries will be hosting a range of exhibitions. There will also be opportunities for any and all vehicle owners to get their cars on the road as part of a communal drive.

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