4 tips to keep your wardrobe simple and stress-free

The average woman spends 16 minutes a day deciding what to wear – precious time taken away from work, friends and family. It’s a stressful part of the daily routine we can all do without, but it seems that despite rounds of spring cleaning and New Year’s resolutions, clothes that are thrown out are only to be replaced again.

Women only wear 20 per cent of their wardrobe regularly, which means dozens of unworn dresses, shirts and trousers causing unnecessary stress. Simplifying your wardrobe isn’t just about clearing out the junk but giving your closet a complete make-over from the ground up. Here are a few simple tips to keep your wardrobe simple and fresh well after the initial clear-out, and save those precious minutes right in the middle of the morning rush.

1. Buy thoughtfully

Most wardrobe purchases can be chalked up to those impulse purchases – snatching a blouse from the rack that’s on clearance or the last in a particular size; only to be shoved in the back of the closet and never worn because it doesn’t fit right or go with anything else. Avoid these mishaps by planning any purchases you need in advance, and if you stumble on a bargain, try and think of at least four different outfits you can create from your current wardrobe. If you can’t, then maybe it’s just not for you at the moment.

2. Invest in statement pieces

Make sure you have several things that have the ‘wow’ factor, and you’ll keep coming back to. It might seem expensive, but it’s worth the initial investment to buy a quality product that will last and remain in fashion. An elegant piece of jewellery or go for an iconic designer watch will not only hold up to years of wear, but will elevate any outfit and have you always looking polished and stylish. Remember to invest in pieces that are classic rather than ‘on-trend’, and you’ll want to wear them for years to come.

3. Build a seasonal wardrobe

Another great way to keep your closet looking manageable is to break it up into spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. You don’t need wool coats in the middle of winter or sundresses in a snowstorm, so why let it take up valuable closet space? Box up out-of-season clothing and store it in the basement or under the bed. Having a functional, seasonally appropriate wardrobe will maximize space and give you a clear head when it comes to deciding on a daily outfit.

4. Impose a time limit

Give yourself a year where if you don’t wear a piece of clothing, it goes to charity. There are outfits that may legitimately only be worn once every few years, such as formal gowns of funeral clothes, but when it comes to day-to-day clothing, if you haven’t worn it in 12 months, chances are you won’t again. We often keep clothes because we feel guilty about throwing them out, but is this really worth the daily stress of struggling to decide what to wear? Get rid of the clothes you feel obligated to wear, or might wear again later, so you can feel guilt-free about going back to your daily favourites.

Thanks to Carol Trehearn

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